Build your brand: First Day rituals

Leap There are many stress filled days on the job.  But for many people, their first day at the new gig ranks right up there.  Why not take the opportunity to really seed your company’s brand with the new employee from day one?

Sure, they need to fill out the paperwork and do all the normal HR stuff.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t communicate your brand loud and clear, above the din of payroll forms!

At McLellan Marketing Group, we’ve created an entire system for welcoming a new employee.  But my favorite part of the process is that every new employee receives a copy of Steve Farber’s book Radical Leap – with a personal note from me inside.

The book is about Extreme Leadership – a leadership fable that celebrates love, energy and being audacious in the workplace.  It is about how we try to live at MMG.

I can’t think of a better way to accent that first day and to communicate – this is a different sort of place.  We’re glad you’re going to be a part of it.

How about you?  What on boarding ritual could you weave into your new employee’s experience?  What message would you want to send?

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10 comments on “Build your brand: First Day rituals

  1. Drew:
    Thanks for recommending this book. You told me I should read this book more than a few months ago and I’m glad I did. I need to read it again.

  2. Cale says:

    Wow Drew, great timing for me. Much appreciated! I’ll report back any cool stories I have from day 1.

  3. Ely says:

    It is always a good practice to introduce your newest team member to your brand. Yes, I am sure she googled the company and read the About us page, but a brand goes well beyond that.

    She should spend her first hours/days being introduced to what you do, how you do it, why you do it, what you do not do, what you stand for etc…

    In fact it is best if you do this before offering a job. Your candidate will come out of this session either empowered and ready to rock and roll or find that your company is not a good fit, in which case, to your benefit and hers, she will not have to spend time filling any paperwork.

  4. Mark True says:

    Yep, Drew. It was a good start. Thanks for the book and for setting me up to succeed as a part of a successful team. But I’m gonna need a raise to buy all those copies of “Radical Leap” that I’m giving away as Christmas presents. 😉


  5. Ed says:

    My girlfriend just started a new job yesterday. I expected to be greeted at the door with a declaration of the first-day blues, but instead she told me about the beautiful floral arrangement on her desk when she first arrived, the fabulous lunch she was treated to, and the afternoon “welcome” cake the team shared to finish out the day. She was absolutely glowing. Even if they fire her today, you can’t really be mad at someone who fed you cake. Am I right?

  6. Scott,

    It is the best business book I’ve ever read in terms of changing the course of how one works and builds a successful team.

    Well worth a regular re-read.


  7. Cale,

    I can’t wait to hear about your new adventure. Knowing Andy, I imagine your first day will be quite memorable!


  8. Ely,

    So true. I think we should have that conversation during the interview process and then really dig into it on the first day.

    But you are very right. The time to find out if you’re a good fit for each other is way before their first day!


  9. Mark,

    As you know….we’re thrilled to have you on board. I hear you about the extra copies. It’s been my gift of choice for the past few years!


  10. Ed,

    And….she is going to tell everyone she knows about her first day. Talk about incredible word of mouth. Very smart employer!

    And you are very right. Cake buys you a lot of latitude!


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