Sometimes a brand doesn’t have to say a word

Every once in awhile, a brand has such a rock solid understanding about themselves, their raving fans and the world in which they exist — they can do something powerful without saying a single word.

Budweiser has always been about as American as it gets.  Their fan base is true blue American and they’ve talked about values like tradition and respect for years.  (I hope their new owners are smart enough not to change that in the least)

4 months after 9/11, this is the spot they ran on the SuperBowl.  Lots of companies ran similarly spirited ads that year.  What makes Budweiser remarkable and so true to their brand is that every 9/11 they run this spot as a tribute to their country and the tragedy and triumph of that day.


I have to say….despite the fact that I think Bud is lousy beer, I have an incredible amount os respect for the company and this spot still makes me choke up a little.

Don’t ever forget that your brand can and should stand for something much greater than what you sell.  It should be a reflection of your heart.  Bud sets an impressive example.

Hat tip to my friend Steve for reminding me of this spot.

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