The headless horseman comes a callin’ to get you texting!

Last Friday a flaming headless horseman galloped across Chicago’s building facades between the Loop and Wrigleyville.

Who rousted him just in time for Halloween?  Meijer, a 180-store big box retailer in the Midwest. 

The store gave people a chance to win $1,000 if they texted the company directly when they saw the apparition.

Picture_1_2 Fliers were distributed to get people looking for the horseman and whenever the van projecting the Horseman stopped or idled in traffic, the horse would rear its hind legs and flash the message: text Meijer for a grand.

Not only did the company receive hundreds of text messages, but they also got TV, radio and print media coverage.  Declaring it a success, the street team plans to repeat the work this Friday (October 24th) in Cincinnati.

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