When does 237 = 15,000?

Age of Conversation 2 coverImage by andrewodom via Take 237 generous authors.  Cull them from 15 different countries.  Add in 8 topics of discussion and what do you get?  Hopefully, $15,000.  But for sure, you get…

Age of Conversation 2.  Why don’t they get it? 

After a very long process, the hardback, paperback and e-book versions of Age of Conversation 2 are on sale, starting today.

As many of you will recall, Gavin Heaton and I got a wild hair in the spring of 2007 and solicited 103 authors to help us create the first book, Age of Conversation

With that book, we were able to raise over $14,000 for Variety, the Children’s Charity.  Surely, with twice as many authors, we can top the $15,000 mark. I’m hoping for $20,000 – truth be told.

Each author contributed a single page chapter and wrestled with topics like:

  • Manifestos 
  • Keeping Secrets in the Age of Conversation
  • Moving from Conversation to Action?
  • The Accidental Marketer
  • A New Brand of Creative 
  • My Marketing Tragedy
  • Business Model Evolution
  • Life in the Conversation Lane

Put it all together and you have insights from social media pros, traditional agency veterans, authors, ministers, directors of marcom, artists, PR experts, non-profit directors and many others in between.

The book will make you think, shake your head and on occasion, laugh.  It will also mean that you helped us raise money for a very worthy charity that cares for the world’s children. 

As my friend (and one of the authors) John Rosen succinctly said…Buy this book.  Period.

Here’s a complete list of our gracious authors.

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71 comments on “When does 237 = 15,000?

  1. Hello Drew & Gavin:
    Kudos and thank you for your amazing spirit that has led to the 2nd edition of The Age of Conversation. It’s a great honor to be a part of AOC 2.0.
    You guys rock, as always.

  2. John Rosen says:


    I have, indeed, ordered my copy. Looking forward to seeing if Lulu is even more efficient this year!

    CONGRATULATIONS on successfully completed it, once again.


  3. Karin H. says:

    OK, bought it (and ‘surprised’ to see the price came up in GBP ;-))
    Now the waiting begins – how long will it take to cross the ocean?

    Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  4. Mike Arauz says:

    Congratulations and thanks for all your hard work!

  5. John Rosen says:

    Big Kahuna:

    As I said in my post, I’m looking forward t seeing if Lulu is more efficient this year!


  6. Scott,

    So sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. Did you try a different browser, like she suggested?

    We’ve processed literally thousands of orders through Lulu.com and although their shipping (because they print the books on demand) wasn’t always as fast we we would like — they have been great quality and good service.

    We had one Lulu rep who helped us get 100 or so books to Luc in Belgium in time for a huge meeting. We had another who went out of her way to track down the printing and shipping of books for an author who was using them for client gifts around the holidays.

    So…in the experiences we’ve heard about, they’ve been wonderful to the authors and buyers alike.


  7. Faris says:

    ordered my copy – nice work again dudes!

    umm – and everyone should use firefox or chrome 😉

  8. I just bought four copies at Lulu and didn’t have any trouble at all.

    Maybe it was a browser issue, or you had some security issues with your computer. I used the latest version of Firefox, so try that.

    It seems to me that it’s a pretty legitimate help dialogue, and – while it’s unfortunate that Lulu doesn’t take orders by phone – it makes sense from a cost standpoint. The customer service rep didn’t seem disrespectful, and gave several solutions that should work.

    I know it could take a couple moments more to try it in a different browser, or to clear your history, but I’d just try it again.

  9. Hi Drew,

    Well, I couldn’t wait to order mine copies so promptly at 8:00am, I ordered several books…without a problem.

    Hats off to you and Gavin for pulling another rabbit out of the hat!!! You guys are magicians in my book. 🙂

  10. Had ABSOLUTELY NO problems placing my order… very efficient and easy and pleasant.

    Not sure what “big” Kahuna was hoping to accomplish by publishing his isolated incident for all to see. Seems a little counterproductive to the cause.

    To the rest of you, give it a shot… no problems on this end.

  11. Yeah! The official day is here. Congratulations to all the authors and especially those who coordinated this effort – Drew and Gavin – and all those unseen folks who assisted.

    I just logged on to lulu.com and placed my order. I’ll be ordering more copies for business associates, friends and relatives soon but I had to get my personal copy on the way. It was painless and easy. Took me just a couple minutes. I can’t wait to get the book. Now I’m off to write a blog post…


  12. C.C. Chapman says:

    Thanks for all the hard work you put in on pulling this together.

    I ordered a hard copy and the downloadable PDF this morning because I didn’t want to wait to read it. *grin* I hadn’t ordered through LuLu that much before so I was glad to see how easy they may it to do so with PayPal.

    While I’ve started reading the electronic version I really can’t wait to put the hard cover on my shelf!

  13. Hi Drew,

    I just ordered my copy at Lulu and it worked like a dream. Thank you.


  14. Just placed my order – in and out in 3 minutes using Firefox.

  15. Andy Nulman says:

    Shit happens, man. Been dealing with Lulu on both sides of the coin for two years and never had a problem. Downloaded my PDF in three seconds. Hope that Big Kahuna/swhite doesn’t let this incident bum out the great karma that permeates the whole concept.

  16. Shama Hyder says:

    So excited about this book! Was a breeze to order. Sorry about the trouble you had Scott.

  17. It’s out! I ordered two copies, I’ve been told by clients they ordered copies today too! No problems with Lulu. Thanks Drew and Gavin for letting me participate!

  18. David Reich says:

    I ordered my book this morning and had no problem at all. Maybe the lulu site was having a problem when commenter Big Kahuna tried, but when I did it, it was quick and smooth.

    Kudos to you and Gavin for another spectacular effort.

  19. Sonia Simone says:

    Drew, us IE folks *hate* when people tell us we should use FF. 🙂 I personally can’t stand it. Different strokes.

    That said, I ordered two copies in despised IE6 and it worked fine, no hitches. My sympathies, though, BigK, that sounds completely maddening.

  20. Just put my order through with no problem and I am so psyched to get my copy of this book. I grabbed a hardback for myself and a few paperbacks for local agencies and business that I think would enjoy all of our fine work.

    Rock on!

  21. Jenny says:

    Thanks for getting it out today, guys. I ordered my copy in about 45 seconds total from Lulu.com this morning, easy as pie!

  22. Brian Reich says:

    I just bought both an online version and a hard copy version. It was super easy, the whole process took just a few minutes from start to finish (and that included having to register for a Lulu account, since I guess I didn’t set up one last year when I ordered AOC1). The online version looks great, and I know the hard copy version will be cool as well.

  23. I had some issues with Safari (I am a Mac user) but it worked fine in Firefox, I am looking forward to getting my copy (and in hardcover)

  24. Paul McEnany says:

    Got the ebook, and ordered the hard back! Thanks for all the hard work, Drew! Even better this year!

  25. Hey Drew,

    I just placed my order without incident! Everything went through smooth! I can’t wait to dive in.

    I can imagine how extremely frustrated Big Kahuna was. It’s unfortunate, but Lulu can’t help it if a user’s browser is acting up. Hopefully big kahuna will persevere and try again later after trying out some of Lulu’s suggestions.

    The big thing to remember is this: The book is full of amazing content, and better yet, all the money goes to help kids out across the world. You just can’t get too upset about that! That’s inspiration enough for me to trudge on through some of the issues to make sure and buy a few books.

  26. Gary Cohen says:

    Congrats on getting AOC2 done. Very cool. Thanks for all your efforts.

  27. Anna Farmery says:

    Well done on a fabulous collection of articles. I have to say it is a testament to you and Gavin at the standard of this book and the writers who have contributed. Well done, great edition to anyone’s list

  28. GL HOFFMAN says:

    Drew…thanks again for a job well done. The organizational efforts have really paid off. By the way, I had no trouble ordering from Lulu…and I am a first time customer of theirs. (when does Kindle’s version hit the streets?)
    Again, Drew…thanks for this effort.

  29. Drew, thank you and Gavin for doing -once again- such an awesome job on AOC2. I can’t wait to receive my copy, as I know that each chapter will be filled with amazing wisdom.

    I’m sorry to hear about Big Kahuna’s [Scott?] problems with LuLu. My experience was painless. I ordered 5 copies [used Firefox] and had no issues whatsoever. Was almost too easy.

    Now is the hard part: waiting!

  30. Chris Cree says:

    Being a Mac guy I’m used to compatibility issues. The overwhelming majority of software out there is for Windows.

    And as a web guy I get the whole challenge of browser issues. Sometimes one browser will hang up but another works fine. I try to be flexible.

    Bought my copy of the AOC2 this AM, using FireFox I think (but it might have been Safari – I switch back and forth all day long) and had no problems. Glad to have my hands on the electronic version.

    I like the bigger donation to charity from the eBook too!

  31. Joe Pulizzi says:

    Drew…just ordered my copy and everything went smooth (I used Google Chrome).

    Thanks to you and Gavin for putting all this together…truly a heroic effort.

    Looking forward to reading the entire book!


  32. Mike Arauz says:

    Sorry, to hear that BIG Kahuna.

    I didn’t have any trouble at all putting in my order. It was as straight forward as ordering from any other online retailer.

  33. @Stephen says:

    Thanks for getting this all together. I am really looking forward to seeing all of the entries!
    I just ordered a soft-cover to be shipped to my folks’ house in IL where I will be in three weeks and there was no problem, sorry to hear that somebody had trouble.

  34. Order placed (hardback this year!); couldn’t have been easier. Can’t wait to receive it! Great job pulling this off once again!

  35. Drew:

    I am so proud. I bought a copy and promptly downloaded it for all to see. Good job on a great book for a great cause.

  36. I had no problems ordering my book today. It all went very smoothly.

  37. Drew!

    Great job again on this book. My mom, dad and hubby just ordered their copies and was fantastically easy!

    Now I’ve got to go get mine!


  38. Joanna Young says:

    I’ve just ordered mine – can’t wait to read it! My review and encouragement to buy will follow after I’ve had the chance to read it and can rave properly!

  39. No problems here. Thanks for all your efforts Drew, Gavin and everyone else!

  40. Drew,

    You and Gavin have gone far beyond the call of duty in creating this incredible book. Thank you.
    I have ordered my copy at Lulu a few moments ago. It was an easy, painless process and so convenient since they accept Paypal!

    Thanks again guys, for your generous spirit and exemplary work ethic!

  41. Jeff Gwynne says:


    I just ordered five copies in about five seconds – really easy. Can’t wait to read it.
    (This is a milestone comment for me – first one from my new iPhone.)


  42. Daniel says:

    No problems here.

  43. Sue says:

    less than five minutes – ordered e and hardcover versions. YAY!

  44. Rishi Desai says:

    The ordering process was seamless. Looking forward to another year of greatness, from great people.


  45. John McCain says:

    I had problems ordering the book too, but only because I’m 72 and don’t know how to use a computer.

  46. Super-duper easy order. Can’t wait to see my copy!

  47. Ann Handley says:

    I hate user issues as much as the next person (maybe worse! I am very impatient!) but I had no trouble with the download. CONGRATS to all the authors and a special bit of gratitude to you, Drew and Gavin. You guys… well, you simply ROCK.

  48. Sean Howard says:

    I ordered 5 copies and just asked my nephew who is 3 to order a copy. I think he ordered 50. Not sure whose credit card he used.

    My cat also placed an order for 7 books. In her case, I know that she used my credit card, which explains all the deliveries of smoked salmon over the past few days.

    I’ve asked my dog to place an order. But he seems to be having trouble. It could be because I don’t have a dog, but I’ll check into it and get back to you.

    Yay!!!! We have launched!!!

  49. BIG Kahuna says:

    I don’t use Firefox. All is good, they called me via Seth Godin – read about that here:


    My copies are on the way, can’t wait!

  50. Ed Brenegar says:

    I ordered a paperback copy and an ebook, and completed the order and the download in less than five minutes. So, I’m not sure what the deal was. Probably makes sense to set up an account before you buy.

  51. Kenny Lauer says:

    Just ordered mine. No problems at all. Went through real smooth as always with Lulu. Can’t wait to get it.
    Hats off to you guys!

  52. Was excited to quickly get the digital version this morning. Kudos to all the genius put forth by fellow authors, much to ponder.

  53. I’ve justed ordered a few copies for the family and I haven’t had any problems.

    I’m sorry to here the Big Kahuna’s had problems, but it maybe a technical issue. The Big Kahuna…a Big Problem:-)

    I’d also like to say a big thanks to Drew and Gavin for all the time & effort to get this project moving.

  54. Sarah Palin says:

    Readings overrated!

  55. Just ordered several in various iterations to test out the system before I place a solid order to use as holiday gifts for our nonprofit’s Board of Directors!

    I bought two hardback editions and two paperbacks in two separate transactions to test it out…No problems (they even remembered me from last time!)

    Lulu DOES need to find a way to enable AOC2 to pop up in its various edition forms at checkout though, as either ‘you might also like’ or a one sheet snapshot to add to the cart, because I DID have to go back to scratch to try the download variation, since ‘keep shopping’ took me away from the AOC2 offerings.

    Oh, and for browsers? I was using FF with NO problem…and tried IE too. Consider it ‘tested’ and passed with flying colors on this end! 🙂

    Now I’ve just gotta go blog it! Thanks so much for all you do for the kids, gang. Rock on! Anxious to read it now…

    Amy Jussel

  56. karl TURLEY says:

    Got mine ordered with no problems, can’t wait to get stuck in and find out what everyone else has to say.

    Great effort Drew and Gavin for making it happen.


  57. Douglas Karr says:

    I threw everything I could at Lulu, different shipping address versus billing address – and it all worked perfectly! Thanks for all the hard work, Drew!

  58. Hi Drew,

    First of all : BIG THANK YOU to you and Gavin for letting us into this project and making it a reality. I’m definitely happy and honored to be part of this great collaborative work (mmmh, yes… again).

    Then, of course I immediately ordered my copies, smooOOooothly… and so far all is perfectly fine: Lulu is about to send them, while Brussels is eager to get them. 🙂

    Merci Drew & Gavin!

    PS : @Sean : Dude, your nephew rocks, your cat rules and man… you made me ROFL real bad! ; )

  59. Ellen Weber says:

    Drew and Gavin, you guys rock! What a great evidence of the fact that different voices can celebrate different perspectives – in ways that genuinely build the kind of community many people crave! Bravo! Hope your efforts produce a best seller and what a thrill to see the children benefit from sales! THANKS for all you inspired and drew together!

  60. Mike Sansone says:

    Just got the e-book downloaded and plan on ordering multiple paperbacks. Had several discussions today about this global project and it has folks in rural Iowa excited about how these tools make collaborating and creating change so easy. Kudos to all involved (including the readers).

    I made sure to give my grandson Sean’s card (just in case they click on 50)

  61. Gavin Heaton says:

    I think you will be surprised how quickly delivery can happen 😉 Congratulations everyone!

  62. It took me about 30 seconds to order since my info was on file from last year. Can’t wait to get my hardcover copy and read everyone’s work.

  63. I’ve ordered my copy, and I can hardly wait. 🙂 It took just a few seconds to process it — no problems at all.

    Thanks again, Drew and Gavin, and congrats to all of us on a collaborative, inspiring, global job well done!

    And just curious, Drew and Gavin, what does Variety think of these books we keep writing? I bet they love the AOC.

  64. Sean Howard says:

    @Luc: Grin. I narrowed down the issue with the dog. It turns out I did have a dog, but the cat sold him on ebay. Oy.

  65. Thanks, Drew, for all you have done to launch this amazing new edition, truly celebrating social community at its best.

  66. Drew, thanks a million for your great work.
    You are really making the difference in our team.

    I just ordered 5 books from Lulu. It was a breeze to order and I am enjoying reading the .pdf tremendously.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the hardbacks I ordered.

    Thanks for all your help!


  67. Toby says:

    Drew (and Gavin!) – What a thrill to see AoG 2 in print. If there ever was a labor of love in the social media business world .. this has to be high on the list. Congrats! to you and to all of the authors.

  68. Everyone — thanks for your feedback and support. We’re thrilled with the launch and as last time…the support and good will efforts of the authors are going to make a huge difference.

    Thanks to all of you who have posted about the books. You’re helping make a huge differenc!

    I know I speak for Gavin as we as myself, when I say it’s been our honor to spearhead this project. You authors rock!


  69. RegAdkins says:

    Don’t know if it is still on topic, but I just placed my order with no problems.
    Peace and Grace!

  70. Karin H. says:

    Lulu only took a week to cross the ocean – arrive today!

    Karin H

  71. Karin,

    Excellent — enjoy the read!


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