Thank you.

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6 comments on “Thank you.

  1. Douglas Karr says:


    Thanks so much for taking time out to remember Veterans today.


  2. Doug,

    It is my humble pleasure.


  3. Jessica says:


    Thanks for the reminder that this isn’t just another day on the calendar. It’s something to be congnizant of every day.


  4. Chris Nolte says:

    Thanks for reminding us of the significance of 11/11. We should, as Jessica noted, take a moment every day to remember and thank veterans.

    Nice to see the blurb in the DSM Register.

    Think I missed the Wednesday brainstorming – had other obligations, including a trip to DSM that evening.


  5. Jessica,

    Every day indeed. I couldn’t agree more.


  6. Hey Chris,

    Agreed on the vets. We owe them a debt that should be acknowledged more often than once a year.

    Yes, the blurb in the paper was great. Hopefully it will drive some book sales. Sorry you missed the Branding Breakfast.

    Put the next one on your calendar. First Wednesday in February.


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