Want a couple free hours with a top notch business coach?

7769362 Every business owner/leader needs a sounding board.  A safe place to explore ideas or get honest feedback about their own strengths and weaknesses.

I know I’ve sure needed that from time to time.

Blend that with the wisdom of The E-Myth by Michael Gerber (read about their coaching philosophy) and what do you get?  E-Myth Benchmark. 

And they want to give YOU two free hours of coaching.  No matter where in the world you live or work.

I can (and do) personally vouch for the quality and confidentiality you’ll receive because I’ve worked with them for years.  They push, pull and cajole me into seeing myself and my business from a much more objective perspective. 

Here’s how you get your two free coaching hours:

  1. Call them at 515-288-6984 or e-mail them.
  2. Congratulate them on their name change to E-Myth Benchmark.
  3. Ask to schedule your two free hours of coaching.

I’m not kidding….you’ll be elated at the results.  They promise no hard sell and you are under no obligation to go beyond your two free hours.

By the way…they did not ask me to write about this or mention it to you.  (They don’t even know I am.)  I’m doing it because I know you’ll enjoy and value the experience.

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2 comments on “Want a couple free hours with a top notch business coach?

  1. Ken says:

    I was so enamored with the book The E-Myth Revisited that I signed up for their coaching program many years ago and paid quite a bit of money.

    After a year or so with them I was very disappointed with both the results and their procedures. I think Michael Gerber is brilliant at presenting and persuading. However the people I ended up dealing with fell far short and I never got any response whatsoever to my concerns when I contacted others in the company. I found client service in the mid to upper echelons of (what was then known as) the E-Myth Academy to be abysmal.

    I was very disappointed and disenchanted and that was back when Michael Gerber was still in charge. It is my understanding that he sold the business several years ago to an investor.

    I suggest to everybody that they read and reread The E-Myth revisited. I would never ever recommend their coaching program.

  2. Ken,

    I suspect you got coaching from the e-myth coaching company, based in California. You’re not the first one who has told me that they were disappointed in that experience.

    E-Myth BenchMark is a completely different company. And by the way…has Michael Gerber’s total endorsement. They’re located in the midwest and are very highly regarded.

    If you give these folks a call and go into it with an open mind, I assure you — you’ll have a fantastic experience. I have worked with them for years and could not recommend them any more than I do.


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