Erma Bombeck is my New Year’s inspiration?

63312255  A few weeks ago, Lewis Green wrote a post about his commitments for '09.  He challenged a handful of us to do the same.

I've been ruminating on it since then because I don't hold a lot of stock in resolutions.  A resolution is a "I'm going to try to…." which almost always results in a week long or month long effort…and then back to the old bad habit.  Typically, resolutions are just wishful thinking.

But a commitment feels more solid.  It's a promise, not a wish.  And so, rising to Lew's challenge…here's my commitment for '09 inspired by all people, Erma Bombeck.

When I stand before God at the end of my life I would hope that I would have not a single bit of talent left and could say…."I used everything You gave me."

 ~ Erma Bombeck

What does that actually mean for me in '09?  In a nutshell, it means serving/helping/teaching as many people as I can, both in person and through technology. 

But specifically in my work world, it will mean:

  • Keeping this blog laser focused on helping business leaders market and brand their business better and smarter
  • Continue to travel the country, speaking at conferences and conventions
  • Launching a teleconference series that will allow readers to listen, learn and ask questions about marketing and branding
  • Introduce a new way for businesses to interact with me and build their own marketing program (more on this in early '09)
  • Look for more collaborative projects like Age of Conversation and Bloggers Social that give all of us a chance to learn from each other

And specifically for my soul, it will mean:

  • Being present and in tune with my family and friends
  • Continuing to be available to speak to college classes
  • Continuing my service to the non-profit boards I'm fortunate enough to be on
  • Giving myself permission to slow down and find an oasis to soak up now and then
  • Remembering that laughter, music and solitude are not wants, they're needs

How about you…what commitment are you making to the new year and yourself?

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