Everything is marketing

70672269 I conducted the MMG brand discovery process for a non-profit over the weekend (hard to gather volunteer board members during the work week) and at the end of a long but fruitful day, their board president said, "I’ve learned so much today.  Not just about marketing our organization but this stuff applies to my work, my relationships…my life!"

He’s right of course.  Marketing’s core lessons are not only universal but they’re really basic tenets of relationships. 

A few years ago, I wrote a series that I think is a very good reminder to all of us of these core lessons.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes and read the entire "Marketing Tips from My Italian Grandma" series.  Even if you vaguely remember some of them…I promise an ah ha moment or two.

I’ve love to get your thoughts on the series and the lessons.

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7 comments on “Everything is marketing

  1. Cathi Warren says:

    Well, everything is marketing AND spelling. I’m sure you meant “tenets” and not “tenants” 🙂

  2. Blog Expert says:

    You are definitely right, everything is marketing. Everything you basically do you look at what other people and it will be part of their decision as to whether to come to your blog or subscribe.

  3. Nigel Dean says:

    Spot on Drew,

    It’s hard to make some people understand, but everything is marketing and we are all marketers. Brand is about people, attitude and service, not a fancy logo, corporate colour etc. If the expectation of your customers and clients does not fit the service they receive, they are soon going to your competitors.

    Have you got any good tips on how to get this across to company directors? Mine certainly don’t get it yet!

  4. Cathi,

    Sometimes the combination of relying on spell check (which apparently cannot read my mind) and my own bad proofing skills get the better of me.

    Thanks for catching it.


  5. Franklin,

    Consumers rarely take action based on a single encounter or message. It’s all the little things you do or don’t do that add up to a sale or them walking by.


  6. Dr. Wright —

    Sampling is one of my all time favorite marketing tactics. Heck…this blog is one gigantic sample! Great idea for a post. Watch for it!


  7. Nigel,

    I would guess your customers’ voices would be the most convincing way.

    Usually the sound of money walking out the door is pretty convincing!


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