The perfect stocking stuffer and I’m giving them away for FREE!

Picture_1 I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit freaked out that it’s the gift giving season again.  But…I’m bucking it up and spending much of the weekend shopping.  You?

I can help you cross one thing off your list.  My good friend Mitch Matthews and his wife Mel created a game a few years ago that is really gaining national traction.

Much like the iPod, this game is the perfect blend of form and function. 

Cool looking and a blast to play….Do You Q Friends and Do You Q Dates (two different versions with completely different questions) are perfect for family gatherings, work parties (at MMG, we play it via e-mail at work) or just about anywhere.

It’s a thought-provoking, laughter ensuing game that helps you connect.  It really is the perfect stocking stuffer.  It’s also an excellent way to open staff meetings, freak out an interviewee or toss in your briefcase as you board a plane. 

Now, you can buy one online or you can win one of five FREE games that I have to give away.  To be entered into the drawing…just leave a comment below.  That’s it. 

I’ll randomly pick five numbers and voila, we’ll have our winners. 

Because I want to get these mailed to you before the end of the holiday season….we’ll announce winners on Thursday morning.

Update:  You bet — we’ll mail it to anywhere on the globe.  So don’t think you’re not eligible if you’re not in the States!

Update #2:  The contest is closed.  I asked my daughter to pick 5 random numbers and as a result the winners are:  Justin Brady, Jill Konrath, Ed Moriarty, Karin and Monica.  I will be in touch to find out which version of the game you’d like.

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103 comments on “The perfect stocking stuffer and I’m giving them away for FREE!

  1. Patricia says:

    I just checked out the game’s website, looks like fun. I hope I win!

  2. Chris Wilson says:

    Drew, Q me please! This game looks great. Perfect for family activities this holiday.

  3. Josh Klein says:

    Neat idea. Congrats to Mitch and Mel on the product. I hope to try it out 🙂

  4. Justin Brady says:

    Drew! Enter me for a chance to WIN! Sounds neat. 🙂

  5. Bev says:

    I bought this item in a local coffee shop. It’s a great conversation starter.

  6. Stephanie Elsea says:

    I like the concept. I’ve purchased something similar called Table Topics but this seems like a much cleaner design and easier to throw in a bag for gatherings. Good luck to your friends, hope they sell out!

  7. B.L Ochman says:

    I’m with you. I can’t get my head into the fact that the year is over! This looks like fun. Please throw my name in the sack. :>)
    and thannks!

  8. Amy says:

    I don’t know how it came to be December 6th. It seems like we were outside enjoying summer yesterday. Someone mentioned Table Topics and I just picked that up for a friend for the holidays, but this seems like a better version of that.

    Best part — I’d rather support the local company, especially in this market.

    Happy Holidays!

  9. Abigail says:

    Q sounds like a lot of fun for any gathering!

  10. Drew… you rock!

    Thanks buddy! I appreciate the shout out!

    You are a true advocate and friend!

    Oh, by the way, can I win?

    hee hee.


  11. Chamika says:

    I really enjoy your blog — read it through my RSS, but this was a great incentive to get me here.

    Would love to win this game — the story behind it is great too!

    Thanks for sharing your insight and your thoughts!

  12. Greg says:

    Sounds fun! I’m in!

    When does the contest ends and the winners will be selected? I am too late?!


  13. jaselzer says:

    Count me in!

  14. Katie Bryan says:

    We love games. Sounds like it would be great for night of dinner and drinking with friens.

    Man, I’m a sucker for contests. 🙂

  15. Frank says:

    Looks like a great game!

  16. OK, I’m in the Queue!

  17. I recently read a few educational posts about how to get comments on your blog. Giving stuff away for free was not one of them. Obviously it works! Time to expand your how-to lists, social media evangelists!

    If, by any chance, I win, please donate the game to your favorite nonprofit to use like you do at your company. Thanks!

  18. Hmmm… Well I want to be entered but I have nothing to say! Hmmm… Let me just say that I’ve been subscribed via RSS for months now and this is one if my favorite blogs! I read you on my iPhone every day! Thanks so much for everything you’ve taught me!

  19. verna says:

    Looks like fun!

  20. Barb says:

    Call to action: chance to win. Works for me.

    As for a comment, the game looks like fun and I had not heard of it. I come from a large family. We were always playing games like Yatzee and Racko and Sorry. One of the favorites was Password. If you find an old version at a garage sale, buy it. Recently, Cranium and Apples to Apples have been the hits.

    Games make great gifts.

  21. Gary says:

    Great idea – just what our family needs for summer nights on Madeline Island!
    Thanks for a solid blog
    and the chance to win!

    Holiday Cheers!

  22. Scott Howard says:

    Okay, I’m game. Toss my name in your virtual hat.

  23. Claire Celsi says:

    Drew: What a great idea! Sign me up. Thanks!

  24. Michael Bertoldi says:

    Game looks like a good time, Put me in the contest and draw my name!!!

  25. Friends looks great, Drew. Thanks for the exciting contest.

  26. yickit says:

    Sounds like a really fun game. Who doesn’t like to win?

  27. Ellen Weber says:

    Thanks Drew — love the way your traditional stocking stuffers come from current technologies. How cool is that!

  28. Kevin Whalen says:

    I love board games, I love stocking stuffers, and I love free giveaways!

  29. This game sounds really interesting. Everyone needs to check out the blog for an idea on the questions. They’ll for sure get you talking (“connecting”) with someone else. It definitely joins my shopping list for this season. Thanks Drew for the link, and hope I get at least one out of the five I’m buying for free!

  30. Joel Libava says:

    Long time no bond!
    Enter the wife and I, wouldya?
    Joel Libava

  31. An Iowa Mom says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait to play.


  32. Jarad says:

    This looks like a really good game!

  33. Amy says:

    Count me in on the give-away. A game that I can play with friends via email is a GREAT idea!

    Thanks for doing this!!!!


  34. Marie says:

    Wow – thanks for spreading joy our way!!!

  35. Kate says:

    Looks like fun! I had a book of questions that we used to take on camping trips – always had a blast! 🙂

  36. Sounds perfect for making fun holiday memories. Put me in!

  37. Rani says:

    Love your blog, and would love to try the Q game. Happy holidays!

  38. Dear Drew, My birthday is the day after Christmas. So if I win, you can tell everyone that you got me a Christmas and Birthday present. It’s a double-whammy! 😉

  39. Jimmy Chan (Malaysia) says:

    I got attracted to leave a comment when you say that you will email it to the winners even if it’s accross the world.

    We don’t have this sort of games in Malaysia from what you have described.

    I tried checking out the website but was clueless on what to do ending clicking the centerpiece to no avail follow-by hovering around the possible links to understand more about the game but to no avail also.

    I guess this where Marketing comes in, maybe you could do a blog discussion on this and we can chip in our Marketing Expertise & may even come out with a Case Study with it to be pre-packaged with the product to be sold to Companies Exec Level staff under Jan 09 Limited Offer and where you get commission and for us that chip in gets the product free 😉

    Or select me, let me try it out after my crazy work hours & I’ll throw in another Comment for you + a Bonus Testimonial for the product website.

    Cheers + To All “Happy Holidays”

  40. One of my holiday traditions is to have a party every year on Boxing Day – the day after Christmas – for all of my friends & family as a way to celebrate the holidays being OVER! It involves pj’s, board games, mimosas, bloody marys and the best New England eggs benedict you’ve ever had (that means lobster instead of ham…yum!). The rule is that you’re not supposed to “get ready”…bedhead is encouraged…and have fun meeting new people and interacting on a very personal level. This game would be the PERFECT addition to this year’s event! Too bad you live in Iowa, Drew, because I think Boxing Day would be right up your alley. Happy Holidays and be sure to take a moment to raise a glass or a cup of joe on the 26th to celebrate a sigh of relief with your friends on the east coast!

  41. Jill Konrath says:

    Everyone loves a chance to win something – even me! Thanks for the holiday spirit.

  42. Concetta says:

    I wanna play Q! I’ve heard Q’s a great icebreaker and good 1st date game. Hope to give it a whirl.

  43. James Glinn says:


    Fingers crossed……

  44. He likey me,
    And I likey Drew.

    Who’s now onto something
    – he says just for you.

    Well I just don’t know
    if it’s really all true,

    But with it I’ll go,
    I’d play with Drew’s Q!

  45. Grant Olsen says:

    Thanks, Drew!

  46. Wendy Tonker says:

    Now I know the “e” in Drew stands for elf.

    As always, you’re genius is only matched by your generosity.

  47. Angela Cox says:

    Drew- I’m hoping to win your drawing! I never win any of Mitch’s drawings!

  48. Pam Branch says:

    I love it! What I really want is a weekend with friends where you can play along in person!

  49. Marcia Wanamaker says:

    Sounds like a fun game and sometimes I’m lucky so I’ll cross my fingers.

  50. Pat W says:

    Drew, this sounds great and I love reading your blog. As a student, all of this information helps me out so much. I look forward to your future articles. Thanks.

  51. Nigel Dean says:

    This sounds good to me Drew,

    I like fun stuff – especially free fun stuff.

    Yes, I really am that cheap. Happy Holidays!

  52. Chris says:

    Toss me in this very big hat too! Have a Blessed Christmas and…. Dad, try not to spoil your daughter! (TOUGH!)


  53. Sara says:

    Drew — Sounds like a blast! Thanks for all the great info and tips you share!

  54. Chris Posey says:

    Sounds cool. Contemplating hosting the department Christmas party, and this would be great! Thanks for the info, Drew.

  55. Jessica says:

    Hiya Drew,
    Thanks a ton for telling us all about this. I checked out their website this morning and ended up buying both versions! It would still be super to win one for the office though 😉

    Can’t wait ’till they get more versions developed, one specific to the workplace would be awesome for corporate retreats, seminars and the like.

    Thanks again,

  56. Josh Byers says:

    I love finding out about new games. This one looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  57. John says:

    This looks like a really cool game. Can’t wait to play it!

  58. JoshSamBob says:

    Count me in!

  59. Dina says:

    Ooh, I hope I win. I love all the great info you share with us. Thanks!

  60. Becky says:

    Drew, would love the game, but also love getting this in my box everyday – I take a moment, stop what I’m doing, and read your post, even if I think it doesn’t apply to me – then reflect later and know that it does.

    Thanks for the chance at a game!

  61. Kassy says:

    Who doesn’t love a good game, and this is my favorite kind. Thanks!

  62. Jen says:

    I’d love to win – looks great!

  63. Jim says:

    Your blog helps to put things into perspective come Monday mornings.
    Jim Tagye

  64. Candy says:

    Pick me! Pick me! We love games and Uno is getting REALLY old!!

  65. Amy says:

    Sounds fun, thanks!

  66. Peggy says:

    Our staff Christmas eatfest is next Wednesday and I think we need a game to play while we eat! Thanks Drew. Hi to Mark!

  67. Julie says:

    Looks like fun! 🙂

  68. Kate says:

    Hi Drew – Would love to win the game!

    Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!


  69. Dawn says:

    I’d love a chance to win this. Thanks for sharing this, Drew.

  70. nhamlett says:

    I love games like this. I hope I’m the lucky winner!!!

  71. Sara Overstreet says:

    Count me in on the drawing.

    This looks like FUN! I definitely think we should open our monthly meetings with a round of “Do You?” 🙂

  72. Ed Moriarty says:

    No need to be brilliant. Pick Me Drew is good enough! That’s it. I’m brilliant!

  73. Shari Hrdina says:

    Mitch connected me with a job when I was looking five years ago. Although I’m no longer there, it was perfect for me at the time. Thanks again Mitch! Glad things are going well for you.

  74. Linda BErg says:

    I’d love to be your winner!

  75. Laura Chase says:

    Sounds like great morning show fun!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  76. AllysonW says:

    Sign me up!
    Happy Holidays!

  77. David Cornelison says:

    Mitch, Mel, Great packaging! Very nice job.

    Drew, Clever marketing!

  78. Larry says:

    I’ve played it before. This is a fun game and great for helping you get to know each other a bit better.

  79. Jennifer O'Connor says:

    YAY! I love games! I hope I win!!

  80. Game looks awesome! I like hearing of good marketing strategies and this is a good one Drew! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!

  81. Julie Deeds says:

    We may be stuck at a house with underagers on NYE… will definitely need games 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  82. Enjoy your enewsletter and with Mark True now on your MMG team everyone’s “strategy and passion” will collide even greater!

  83. Greg France says:

    Thanks for the idea! Course I don’t see how this can help me with my shopping list, since I certainly won’t regift if I win!

  84. Art says:

    Looks brilliant! And… as often is the case with you, Drew… this is also a great marketing idea.

  85. Karin says:

    This sounds like something

    I NEED DESPERATLY to help IMPROVE my Staff Meetings! They’ve become stale and depressing and non-profits don’t have much money! Thanks for the idea.

  86. Bill Gammell says:

    I hope I am a random winner – look like fun.

  87. Lisa Knight says:

    I’d like to see a Do You Q Family. Pick me, Drew!

  88. Jesse Bawek says:

    I know Mitch through Cub Scouts (his son Alex is in the Den that I lead) and I can’t get enough of Q. Please put me in the drawing.

  89. Amy Smit says:

    Pick me Drew!

  90. Lisa West says:

    Drew, thanks so much for your “Minutes” I always enjoy reading them. Oh yeah, and PICK ME! Thanks!

  91. Elaine Whitefield says:

    Nice to know there are so many dreamers out there. Would love to have Q so I can help our dreamer group get started and have even more fun connecting. Thanks so much. Elaine

  92. Charity says:

    I am always looking for ice breakers and team activies. Sign me up!! Always enjoyable! I have my fingers crossed I will win!

  93. Sara says:

    I’ve looked at purchasing these games. They look like a bunch of fun. Hope I win!

  94. Nancy Zmolek says:

    What a great stocking stuffer idea. Thanks! Enter me in the drawing.

  95. Get to Know You?
    Just Answer the Q
    Now You Have A Clue
    What for Free We’ll Do!

  96. Bruce L says:

    Q Dates? Hmmm, I can barely get them to have dinner and drinks!

  97. Monica - BIZSTARTS says:

    Hi, Drew,
    What a great idea; and a great sounding gift!
    I really enjoy your newsletter-Thanks and have a great Holiday Season!
    Oh, that’s right—Please pick me!

  98. Brandon says:

    Hook me up! Thanks!

  99. Wow!

    First of all, Drew… again… WOW!

    You are making an impact on people!

    This is incredible to get to see how much your readers love and appreciate your wisdom, buddy!

    So, kudos to you for ALL that you do!

    Also, thanks for everyone’s kind words about Q!

    Connecting people is truly a passion for us, so it’s a beautiful thing to hear that idea is important to a lot of people! Plus, I love people who love to play games! That’s just freakishly cool!

    I can’t wait to see who wins and I look forward to staying connected with those who visited the site!

    Thanks again Drew and thanks again everyone!

    Keep connecting,


  100. Scott says:

    Hey Drew. I trust you and don’t have time to wait for a drawing so I linked from your site and bought one of each Q. Make sure your buddy thanks you. I’ll report back on implementation.

  101. Jean Whiddon says:

    Please don’t pick my name for your free giveaway because I wouldn’t want to break my streak of never winning anything! Nice response to the offer though.

  102. Kelly Bowser says:

    I absolutely love this! I get the Q Question of the month/week emails from Mitch. They are great for table discussion starters! It really helps bring the family together!

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