Want to work a little smarter?

Picture_1 The minds behind Working Smarter (SmartDraw‘s blog) decided that they would create a small network of blogs that they believe can serve business leaders with practical, actionable information and ideas.

As they said in their official announcement:  "Today we are proud to formally announce the launch of the Working Smarter Network, WSN for short, an exclusive consortium of websites and blogs that provide varied, relevant and useful information to help business people become more effective."

I’m delighted to report that I was invited to be one of the 13 charter members.  If you’d like to check out the other sites that were invited to join….here you go.

  1. Altman’s Better PowerPoint
  2. B2B Marketing Confidential
  3. The PowerPoint FAQ
  4. Selling Magic Sales Journal
  5. B2B Sales & Marketing Knowledge Sharing
  6. Drew’s Marketing Minute
  7. Indezine – PowerPoint & Presentations
  8. The JF Selling Resources Blog
  9. Marketing Interactions
  10. PBR – Sales Training & Leadership
  11. The Sales Hunter
  12. The YouBlog – Presentations & Communication
  13. Wilder Presentations

I have no doubt you’ll find some useful and thought provoking reading among these sites.

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