Is your online userID yours….everywhere?

16220403 Remember when everyone was scrambling to Go Daddy to grab their own name so if they wanted the domain, they had it?  And the smart ones grabbed their kids’ names too.

Then there was the mad dash to get your name at Google for gmail and all the Google tools.  (Again…don’t forget to get the kids covered!)

Last week, Mike Sansone encouraged us to be sure and get our Twitter name secured.

All well and good.  But what if there was one site that would allow you to check the availability of your preferred userID (for most of us….our name) all over the social media spectrum?  Guess what….there is!

Check out  You can type in your name or preferred userID and with one click, check what seems like 100 or so sites.

How cool is that?  Hat tip to Chris Brown, where I first learned of this site.)

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