Incredibly creative vehicle designs

Thought this was a perfect way to juice up the middle of the week.  Check out these incredibly creative truck designs coming out of Europe.  Hat tip to long time reader Warren Lanier for sharing these with me.

Talk about thinking different.  Hope these inspire you to do the same!





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11 comments on “Incredibly creative vehicle designs

  1. Hey Drew,
    They look fantastic indeed. Were they really made like that? The image being the same truck, it could be a design exercise as well. This said, trucks definitely represent a very nice “space to communicate on”.

  2. Josh More says:

    I have serious doubts about these photos. First of all, forced perspective looks great at such angles, but not so good in real life where we are able to move around and view at other angles. This is why I suspected a photo-edit job.

    Looking more closely, it’s apparent that it’s the same truck in all four photos. The shading changes a little, but not enough. The lights are in the same places, the tires seem to be in the same positions, and the white line crosses the truck’s shadow in exactly the same spot every time.

    Though I can’t prove it, I am going to say that these images probably aren’t real.

    They are, however, brilliantly creative, and whether or not they were in use on the roads, I think that they serve Drew’s point of encouraging creativity.

  3. Mastiff food says:

    WOW..Amazing pictures!!

  4. I not sure if these are actually photos of real trucks or designs meant to go on trucks. But, either way — the designs are a reminder that we can always push past the norm to do something remarkable.


  5. that are just awesome.
    i haven’t seen anything like this. those trucks look awesome.

  6. I must say this design are really been made with mind and logic.

  7. Logo Design says:

    Mind blowing, that’s really amazing.

  8. ghd says:

    WOW..Amazing pictures!!

  9. that are just awesome.
    i haven’t seen anything like this. those trucks look awesome.

  10. Dopyt says:

    Great pictures.

  11. Wonderful pictures.Thanks for posting such an exciting pictures.Thanks again!!!

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