Now is the perfect time to try some crazy marketing idea

Why not?  Everyone's in a tailspin about the economy and you have some down time.  Why not try something bold?  Dare I say… get a little crazy.

An excellent photographer here in Central Iowa sent this to me the other day.  Is it risky?  Sure.  But did it get me thinking?  You bet.



My guess is, he could fill some dead spots in his calendar with some pretty interesting projects. 

He solidifies his relationship with existing clients.  He creates new relationships with people who might not have given him a try. 

But best of all, he reminds us that he's willing to be creative, flexible and work/think with his clients, not just for them.  We're going to remember that long after the recession ends.

What crazy idea do you have buzzing around in your head?  What could you do in your marketplace to cause a stir.  Or even a disturbance?  What could you do that sounds crazy….but maybe crazy like a fox?

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