Want to get better?

93295975 I'm a firm believer in these three things.

  • No matter how good we are, we can always get better
  • Learning is not optional or age restricted
  • One of the best ways to learn is by interacting/sharing with your peers

Which is why I am thrilled to tell you about three amazing learning opportunities that will help you get even better by interacting with smart, interesting and and giving professionals.

In April:

BlogWell:  How Big Companies Use Social Media, New York City on April 29th

BlogWell features 8 great case studies on big companies use social media, including Johnson & Johnson, GE, Nokia, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Tyson Foods, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and Turner Broadcast System.  One afternoon — only $250.  Use the discount code: THANKSDREW for 10% off.

Get more information/register here.

Note:  Or attend in San Francisco on June 23rd or Minneapolis on August 13th.

In May:

SOBCON '09:  Biz School for Bloggers, Chicago, May 1-3

Now on it's third year, SOBCON brings together bloggers who want to take their game to the next level.  This year, the focus is the ROI of relationship.  Organizers Liz Strauss and Terry Starbucker put on quite the show.  Lots of elbow rubbing with the likes of Chris Brogan and other blogging superstars.  3 days, only $795.

Get more information/register here.

In June:

MarketingProfs Business to Business Forum, Boston, June 8-9

The Business-to-Business Forum will focus on three key areas that b2b marketers are struggling with: 1. Integrating your marketing programs for better results, 2. Measuring and evaluating your marketing programs to prove ROI, and 3. Keeping your customers and prospects engaged.  Also enjoy keynote speaker Barry Schwartz, Author of "Practical Wisdom" and "The Paradox of Choice."

Until May 15th, only $1,145 but you can get a special $200 discount on top of that by clicking below.

Get more information/register here.

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6 comments on “Want to get better?

  1. Hi Drew,

    Another option is actually a free web application called Scribnia (http://scribnia.com/). It enables users to rate and review bloggers thus letting them know specific areas where they can improve. I recently sent you an invitation, what do you think?

    I think the best way for authors to improve is by hearing honest feedback from their actual readers not necessarily getting tips from top bloggers.

  2. Stan Phelps says:

    Great advice Drew on the need for continuous improvement and growth. Here is one of my favorite quotes: “When your green, your growing . . . when you’re ripe, you start to rot”.


  3. I agree that doing addl workshops and other personal growth workshops. I just heard about this one.

    Chris Brogan & David Meerman Scott are doing an inbound marketing Summit in SF & TX.

    You are either getting better or worse. There is no such thing as status quo. If you are not getting better, than your competition and thus the gap is shrinking…

  4. Hi Drew, thanks so much for pitching SOBCon! We will never forget the support you gave us in that first year, and you continue to so kindly give us today. It means to the world to us. I wish you could make it this year, but hey, there’s always 2010! 🙂

    All the best!

  5. Stan,

    I think when people hear that kind of phrase, they sometimes panic and think it means they can’t ever be content and have to keep pushing.

    I don’t think we’re talking wholesale change. I think it’s just a matter of staying curious, wanting to learn new things and being open to trying something different.


  6. Chad,

    Especially in our business — I can’t imagine being able to be successful if you stopped learning. The rate of change is so fast — you’ve got to keep up or you’re going to become irrelevant.


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