Some very worthy additions to my blogroll

84739995 I have been incredibly remiss in updating my blogroll.  There are so many good blogs out there…and I haven't been doing as good a job as I should in introducing you to some of them.

So you may look down this list and say, "Geez, Drew…I have been reading this blog for months."  I know, I know.  So sue me. ;-}

Anyway….without further ado, these are all blogs that I think you will find intriguing in one way or another.  I'd love to get your thoughts and feedback on any of them…as I am sure would the authors.

The Business Insider:  This is a team blog that covers a wide range of topics, mostly marketing but some other business thoughts/ideas as well. 

The Harte of Marketing:  Beth Harte is a marketing and social media consultant who brings common sense and great storytelling to her blog.

Altitude Branding:  Amber Naslund is infectious.  She writes about social media and branding as she serves as Radian6's Director of Community.

Jeff Garrison:  Jeff writes about extraordinary sales habitudes and teaches all of us how to build better relationships which lead to better sales.

All you need is a good idea:  Jay Heyman is a smart agency guy who speaks in plain language about things every business should know.  He's also written a book you should read.

Increasing Employee & Client Engagement:  Chad Rothschild is new to the blogging scene but brings a great deal of marketing savvy to his new venture.  You'll enjoy the read.


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7 comments on “Some very worthy additions to my blogroll

  1. Thanks for the recommendations Drew. Amber and Beth I read on a hardcore basis (I try to digest every little nugget from their blogs) and comment regularly there. The other few I’ve skimmed the periphery of but not really made a serious time investment for.

    Definitely going to make an effort to follow along with these blogs on a more regular basis now :).

  2. Hi Drew,

    Thanks so much for not only including me among some super smart people but for introducing me to a few new blogs that I need to check out. Hope our paths are set to cross again sometime this year, and that all’s well with you.

    Thanks again and cheers,

  3. Jay Heyman says:

    Jeez. I don’t have enough to do? It will take me three hours just to read the names on your blogroll, let alone visit their sites.
    And now that you have included my blog, I suppose I will have more hits, and therefore more comments to spend time answering.
    And then there’s all the smart insightful stuff I will be learning, using up more of the limited space in my brain.
    And worst of all, I seriously don’t know how to thank you enough.
    Jay Heyman

  4. Mandy says:

    Thanks for recommending these blogs – I look forward to reading them and getting more inspired and informed!

  5. Mal says:

    Great blogs – there are many other internet resources like recently I found Jeffrey Gitomers Sales Caffeine newsletter to be a bit inspirational. He a marketing genius and so good at closing sales. Cheers –

  6. Hospedagem says:

    Thanks for Sharing, nice blog, Hope our paths are set to cross again sometime this year.

  7. Rich Brill says:

    Nice concise blog list here. Some good little nuggets of information which I shall add to my feed reader and slowly digest.

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