What’s your defining sentence?

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We hosted (along with Jeff Garrison) a very laid back networking event last night.  Basically, we opened the doors from 5 – 7 pm, people showed up with a couple bottles of their favorite beverage (we provided ice and coolers) and everyone hung out, met new people and chatted.

It was excellent — 100+ people showed up and mingled.  A good time was had by all and I'm hoping some new connections were made.

But, as I watched the room I got to thinking.  If each of these people only had one sentence they could utter…what would they say?  Would they fall into the rut of describing their job.  "Hi, I'm Bob and I'm a financial planner."  Or would they have a sentence at the ready to tell us how they're different from all the others in the crowd?

The goal is to pique someone's interest.  To get them to say "tell me more" or to ask a question.

As you might know — my self-intro would be:  "Hi, I'm Drew.  We help businesses create authentic love affairs with their customers."

What would your sentence be?

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