A little grasshopper told me

Grasshoppernumber Thanks to the blog, I get some interesting mail.  But I have to say, chocolate covered grasshoppers might just top the list.

When I got it, here's what happened:

  1. It came in a FedEx package, so no one screened it.  It actually got to my desk.
  2. I didn't recognize the return address, so my curiosity had me open it right away.
  3. Once I realized that it really was chocolate covered grasshoppers, I started showing my co-workers.
  4. We visited the website on the card to see what the mailing was all about.
  5. We took photos, because I knew sooner or later I'd blog about it.
  6. We're going to have a "who will eat one of these" contest at work.  I'll let you know who wins!

Bottom line — it worked.  3-D mailings may cost a little more money — but they deliver big results when they are done well.

The folks at Grasshopper.com decided to send out 5,000 of the attention-hopping packages to entrepreneurs, bloggers, celebrities, journalists and customers.  They spent 3 months assembling the list and made sure the packaging and cross promotion (Twitter, YouTube, bloggers, their website, etc.) were all in order.

This was a very well thought out and executed campaign.  Bravo to the Grasshopper gang. 

P.S.  Grasshopper.com is actually an integrated virtual phone system for your company that includes toll free numbers, forwarding capabilities to home, mobile, office… and even online voice mail to email capabilities. Costs range depending on the package you would like – but they start at $9.95 per month and range up to $199 per month.

The URL on the package sent us to this video about the power and potential of being an entrepreneur.


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