This is a brilliant idea

Pine tree You know those cheesy air fresheners that people hang off their rear view mirror in the shape of a pine tree or a piece of fruit? 

Why not let people personalize them with family photos like they do with credit cards?  Maybe someone like Snapfish could work on this idea a bit?

Who wouldn't be happier with a picture of the grandbaby dangling from the mirror and smelling piney fresh?

That's it.  Just that random idea.  If you make a million, you owe me a cup of coffee or something.

I feel a little like Bill Blazejowski from the movie Night Shift. "This is Bill. Idea to eliminate garbage: edible paper. You see, you eat it, it's gone. Eat it, it's out of there!"

(If you haven't see it…rent it.  Hysterical.)

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