Tired of hearing about Zappos? Too bad.

Zappos_logo_2007_tagline copy As long as they keep surprising and delighting us….and becoming the poster child for exceptional customer service…you're going to keep hearing about them.

Take a minute to read about my marketing cohort Jay Heyman's experience with Zappos and learn.  (e-mail subscribers…click on Jay's name.)

What's so memorable and talk-worthy about Jay's story is that one employee, not a corporate policy or CEO but one customer service rep who had clearly drank the brand's kool-aid took an extra five minutes and did something remarkable.

I think it's noteworthy that Eric's (the customer service rep) gesture was remarkable because it was personal.

After reading Jay's post, as a business owner, I found myself wondering these three questions.  I'm thinking you should be asking them too.

Would every one of my employees recognize an opportunity to deliver a remarkable and personal moment?

Would every one of my employees choose to seize that opportunity?

If I can't answer yes to the first two questions…what am I doing wrong…or do I have the wrong employee?

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