How to prepare for that big pitch

Howtopitch No matter what business youre in, you have to pitch to win business sometimes.  Maybe its a bidding war, you and your competitors each putting on your best dog and pony show.  Or maybe its as simple as a face-to-face meeting.

No matter the formality or how clearly defined your competitors arewe all pitch for new customers/clients.

How to Win A Pitch by Joey Asher (click here to buy the book) delivers a no-nonsense guide to the key fundamentals needed to win sales pitches. And I dont just mean coverage of the basics there was plenty in here that was fresh despite my years of experience.

Ashers five fundamentals are simple: ensure that the pitch is

  • Focused on a business solution
  • Simply organized
  • Delivered with passion
  • Interactive
  • Well-rehearsed

As Asher points out, so many pitches are done so badly that simply doing well on at least some of these fundamentals can significantly differentiate you from your competition. But the book doesnt settle for that it delivers rock-solid techniques and methods to excel in each area.

This book is the best of both worlds… it presents a simple framework that beginners will be able to understand and also has enough depth that veterans will be glad they read the book.

If you get involved in sales pitches and presentations in any way (and if you want to sell big, theres no doubt you will) then you’ll be well served to read this book.



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