Interview with Drew McLellan: What’s new in social media (podcast)

Zane Safrit writes a great blog about being an entrepreneur and he also has a very popular podcast series

I was fortunate enough to be a guest about a year ago and he recently asked me to come back again.  So on Friday (Oct 2, 2009), we spent an hour or so talking about social media, community, and how businesses are viewing and succeeding in social media.

Zane’s always fun to chat with…so if you are so inclined, take a listen.

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3 comments on “Interview with Drew McLellan: What’s new in social media (podcast)

  1. Zane Safrit says:

    Drew, thank you again! Your show is always the most listened to and that’s because your tips and perspective and resources are well, so, good. I can say that because I just finished transcribing the notes. Thanks, again. How about those Dodgers, hmmm?

  2. Zane,

    It’s always fun to be on your show — thanks so much for the invitation. And the Dodgers are looking good!!

    I may have to change my intro!


  3. If you are having trouble listening…try it from this site.


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