Free chapter chock full of marketing “ah ha!”

Shutterstock_40026016 I love many things about blogging and social media.  But the #1 reason I love it is because it has afforded me the opportunity to meet some really wonderful, smart people.

And sometimes it feels as though we’ve known each other forever.  That’s certainly true for me of Gavin Heaton, CK, Lori Magno, Luc Debaisieux and many others. 

But there’s this agency guy named Jay Heyman who lives in New York City — and he and I connect in a whole different way.  For some odd reason, we end up writing posts on the same subject or about the same subject on a regular basis!

Which of course means that I think he’s brilliant! 

Anyway…the guy who lives inside my brain wrote a book called All You Need is a Good Idea (same name as his blog)  Well, now he has written a bonus chapter which he would like the readers of his blog to have for FREE. 

It’s nine pages of rapid fire ideas…no theory or set up.  Just straight marketing talk.  You can download it here.

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