Indulge in some gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving!  Even if you're not in the states — why not take a moment today and remember some of the blessings you have in your life?

I try very hard to make my blog about you.  I want to infuse value, insights and fresh ideas in every post.

But I believe that one of the most powerful emotions we can experience is gratitude.  I believe it literally can move mountains and change hearts.  On this day of giving thanks, I ask your forgiveness as I recognize my own incredible good fortune.

Anyway…enough prelude.Soglogo

In 2006 at the Balanced Life Center blog, the author created the Season of Gratitude.  She invited other bloggers to share “a gratitude moment” and I couldn’t resist joining in back then and I can't resist making this my annual Thanksgiving post.

It is more true today than when I wrote it 3 years ago: 

Rather than create a laundry list of the incredible and plentiful blessings that I am surrounded with every day, I decided to narrow my focus to my greatest gift. 

My daughter.  She is quite simply the best part of me. 

Her questions force me to find my own clarity.  Her humor is the perfect salve for a stressful day. Her fears remind me of my own humanity and her teen-induced insecurities keep my heart tender. 

Her zest for life’s delights feeds my spirit and her need to re-charge urges me to slow down now and then. Her laughter triggers my own (sometimes in the most inappropriate places and times) and her tears show me the depth of my own vulnerability.

Her drive to succeed tempers my own so we can talk about balance and her sense of discovery (both academic and of self) lets me indulge in the same. 

Her need to learn about the responsibilities that come along with being given a good life allows me to share my talents unselfishly and take her along for the ride.

Her presence gives me purpose.  Her future gives me hope.  And her faith in me inspires me to be a better person.   

She is my Jiminy Cricket.  She is my legacy.  And she is, every single day, my season of gratitude.

How about you….will you take a moment and share your season of gratitude with us?

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7 comments on “Indulge in some gratitude

  1. Akash Sharma says:

    Well said Drew, appreciate your love for your daughter, wishing the best for both of you.
    As mentioned you above, I am not from the states but still thanksgiving can be celebrated globally to thank the best things that have happened in your life.I do have a long list of such god gifts including my friends, family and people I learn from.
    And yes I would like to Thank you for the valuable insights which you have shared over the past.

  2. Akash,

    Thank you for your good wishes. I so agree with you about thanksgiving being celebrated globally. I honestly believe that all good things come from the seeds of genuine gratitude.

    Whether it is business or personal good fortune — I think it springs from a grateful place.

    Enjoy those gifts you cherish!


  3. Wishing the best for you and your daughter. I find it important to take some time everyday to be grateful of every blessing in my life.


    Andy Michaels

  4. Andy,

    I think it is the wise person who stops to count the blessings already bestowed…before hoping for more!

    And, I think when you start your day with gratitude, that attitude is reflected from you all day long.


  5. The hustle and grind of juggling is, if anything, heating up for many of us this week as we rush to get things done ahead of Thanksgiving travel or hosting.

  6. Grow taller says:

    I think it is always a good idea to remind oneself of what you are Thankful for. I tell the students that on the Holiday of Thanksgiving, it is important to give thanks.

  7. I agree with all of you — gratitude is the foundation for new growth, new opportunities and deeper, better relationships.


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