Extinction is right around the corner…

For getting lost, desktop computers and glaciers.  At least according to The Future Trends book called Future Files by Richard Watson.  (buy it by clicking here)

As part of the promotion of the book, the author released the chart below.   It's an extinction timeline…predicting that newspaper delivery will be gone by 2012 and FM radio by 2027. 

I promise you…you'll find this fascinating and its content will be your conversation starter for at least a week.

Screen shot 2010-01-27 at 8.26.12 PM

If you're having trouble reading the timeline, you can click on the chart to open a full-sized pop up window or download a full-sized PDF by clicking here.

After you've had a chance to really look it over…come back and let's talk about how this changes your view of what your business needs to be focusing on.