I need you to ask me a question or two

Shutterstock_43743907 I really want to know what you want to know.

In other words, I need your help. 

I'd like to know what sort of marketing topics and questions you want to see tackled on this blog.  What marketing questions do you have burning in your belly?

So I have created a very simple and very quick survey that I would like you to answer.  It won't take you more than 3 minutes, tops.  I promise.

The big query is this:  If we were hanging out, grabbing some coffee or lunch and you could ask me any two marketing questions you wanted — what would you ask?

I'm going to use your questions here on the blog and in a special little project that I promise to share with anyone who participates.

Will you give me 3 minutes and 2 questions?  if so…the survey can be accessed by clicking here.

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11 comments on “I need you to ask me a question or two

  1. Gee I thought I had, but in accordance with your request … done!

  2. Hi Drew,

    Well, you’re assuming we’d be talking marketing over lunch. But maybe we’d be talking about baseball instead (and, yes, I have Nationals season tickets so you must let me know next time you’re coming to D.C.).

    Now that I’ve bypassed your survey form, I guess the best way to answer your question is to tell you why I read your blog. It’s quite simple: you get that marketing (communications) is a core business function, and your posts reflect that. This is a big issue for me, and I love that your approach to marketing is so business focused. So my answer: keep doing what you’re doing.


  3. Laynie,

    Thank you very much — I’m looking forward to checking out your questions!


  4. Daria,

    Ahhh, season tickets — you know how to get my attention! I will most definitely let you know when I’m headed to DC next!

    Thank you for your kind words. As you know, I am persistent, if nothing else! Let me see if I can lure an answer from you. What are the two most common questions your clients or prospects ask you?

    I’ll buy the first bag of peanuts!


  5. Ah … that is a good question.

    I think it’s often less about what questions they are asking, and more about what they’re not asking. Clients and prospects generally have something they want to do — and I’m usually trying to get them to back up and ask (1) why? and (2) is this the best approach/solution? Oh, and of course, they’re all interested in social media tools and how/whether they should be using them.

    As for the peanuts, I’ll hold you to that.


  6. Daria,

    If you could wave a magic wand and all of your clients would know/understand one thing (related to marketing) what would you choose?

    And you’ve got a deal on the peanuts!


  7. Hi Drew,

    This one is easy: integration. I want clients and prospects to understand that marketing doesn’t belong in a silo. That it must be integrated across a company’s operations and activities, and that every department and every person (and especially every touchpoint) represents your brand. The corollary to this is that your employees are your best brand ambassadors, so leverage that power/knowledge wisely.

    Hope this gives you some food for thought.


  8. Lord Matt says:

    It is funny I should see you asking this. I have recently been bumping up against a few less obviouse questions.

    For example when the action you want from your landing page is a phone call. Yeah email would be nice but how do you change what you are doing when you want a person to person as the result? What is the best way to get to that?

    For example marketing on line traditionally off line only products. Say you make you money doing tupperware or body shop parties or some other “network based” or peer-to-peer referral based marketing of some kind that works real well face to face but maybe not so well on-line. How would you leverage, say, a blog for such an effort?

    For example how do you break into a niche were traditionally you might not be expected to sell anything anyway (say make up as a male sales person or something similar) especially where you can not afford to take on help to do so. How would you approach this?

  9. Daria,

    Ahh, so true. And yet so scary for businesses. They like silos.

    Thanks for the food for thought…I couldn’t agree more.


  10. Matt,

    Great questions — thanks for adding them to the list. Stay tuned!


  11. Cynthia says:

    I think that several detailed posts on video marketing would be interesting. Because nowadays you it’s hard to make visitors stay on your page.

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