Meet the Authors of Age of Conversation 3!

The manuscript is finally in the hands of the publisher (more on that exciting news later this week!) and we're proud to introduce you to the smart, funny and insightful authors that contributed to the Age of Conversation 3: It's Time to Get Busy.

The book will be out sometime in April (more details on that as well) and we'll have both printed copies and some e-reader options as well!

Check out the new website as well — courtesy of our friends at Sticky.

A round of applause, if you will, for these awesome and dedicated professionals!

Adam Joseph

Priyanka Sachar

Mark Earls

Cory Coley-Christakos

Stefan Erschwendner

Paul Hebert

Jeff De Cagna

Thomas Clifford

Phil Gerbyshak

Jon Burg

Toby Bloomberg

Shambhu Neil Vineberg

Joseph Jaffe

Uwe Hook

Steve Roesler

Michael E. Rubin

anibal casso

Steve Woodruff

Steve Sponder

Becky Carroll

Tim Tyler

Chris Wilson

Beth Harte

Tinu Abayomi-Paul

Dan Schawbel

Carol Bodensteiner

Trey Pennington

David Weinfeld

Dan Sitter

Vanessa DiMauro

Ed Brenegar

David Zinger

Brett T. T. Macfarlane

Efrain Mendicuti

Deb Brown

Brian Reich

Gaurav Mishra

Dennis Deery

C.B. Whittemore

Gordon Whitehead

Heather Rast

Cam Beck

Hajj E. Flemings

Joan Endicott

Cathryn Hrudicka

Jeroen Verkroost

Karen D. Swim

Christopher Morris

Joe Pulizzi

Leah Otto

Corentin Monot

Karalee Evans

Leigh Durst

David Berkowitz

Kevin Jessop

Lesley Lambert

Duane Brown

Peter Korchnak

Mark Price

Dustin Jacobsen

Piet Wulleman

Mike Maddaloni

Ernie Mosteller

Scott Townsend

Nick Burcher

Frank Stiefler

Steve Olenski

Rich Nadworny

John Rosen

Tim Jackson

Suzanne Hull

Len Kendall

Amber Naslund

Wayne Buckhanan

Mark McGuinness

Caroline Melberg

Andy Drish

Oleksandr Skorokhod

Claire Grinton

Angela Maiers

Paul Williams

Gary Cohen

Armando Alves

Sam Ismail

Gautam Ramdurai

B.J. Smith

Tamera Kremer

Eaon Pritchard

Brendan Tripp

Adelino de Almeida

Jacob Morgan

Casey Hibbard

Andy Hunter

Julian Cole

Debra Helwig

Anjali Ramachandran

Jye Smith

Drew McLellan

Craig Wilson

Karin Hermans

Emily Reed

David Petherick

Katie Harris

Gavin Heaton

Dennis Price

Mark Levy

George Jenkins

Doug Mitchell

Mark W. Schaefer

Helge Tenno

Douglas Hanna

Marshall Sponder

James Stevens

Ian Lurie

Ryan Hanser

Jenny Meade

Jeff Larche

Sacha Tueni and Katherine Maher

David Svet

Jessica Hagy

Simon Payn

Joanne Austin-Olsen

Mark Avnet

Stanley Johnson

Marilyn Pratt

Mark Hancock

Steve Kellogg

Michelle Beckham-Corbin

Michelle Chmielewski

Amy Mengel

Veronique Rabuteau

Peter Komendowski

Andrea Vascellari

Timothy L Johnson

Phil Osborne

Beth Wampler

Amy Jussel

Rick Liebling

Eric Brody

Arun Rajagopal

Dr Letitia Wright

Hugh de Winton

David Koopmans

Aki Spicer

Jeff Wallace

Don Frederiksen

Charles Sipe

Katie McIntyre

James G Lindberg & Sandra Renshaw

David Reich

Lynae Johnson

Jasmin Tragas

Deborah Chaddock Brown

Mike O'Toole

Jeanne Dininni

Iqbal Mohammed

Morriss M. Partee

Katie Chatfield

Jeff Cutler

Pete Jones

Riku Vassinen

Jeff Garrison

Kevin Dugan

Tiphereth Gloria

Mike Sansone

Lori Magno

Valerie Simon

Nettie Hartsock

Mark Goren

Peter Salvitti

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18 comments on “Meet the Authors of Age of Conversation 3!

  1. Whoo-Hoo!! Awesome news, Drew!

    On behalf of all the authors and all the future readers- thank you and Gavin for having the energy and dedication to bring this monstrous project to life.

    You guys truly rock. =)

  2. Claire Celsi says:

    What an all-star line-up! Can’t wait to get my copy!

  3. A huge thank you to you and Gavin for putting this wonderful book together. I can’t wait to buy my first copy!


  4. Thanks to you guys for all the hard work and focused attention – looking forward to seeing this soon.

  5. Looks great Drew! Cant wait to see the book!!! Much kudos to you and Gavin… !!! Steve O

  6. Drew, what a fabulous way to mark the beginning of Spring! I am so excited and looking forward to generating momentum for the Age of Conversation 3! Thank you and Gavin for keeping the magic going!

  7. As always — Gavin and I are both thrilled that all of you wanted to participate and help make the book such a remarkable collection of thinking and this time…action!

    we can’t wait for you all to see it!


  8. Drew and Gavin, thank you once again for pulling all of this together! I look forward to seeing the finished version!!

  9. I’ve put together a twitter list of the AoC3 authors, you can grab it here –

  10. Jon B says:

    Kudos on another great project completed!

  11. What an amazing group of talented authors – I am humbled and honored to be included with this group and cannot wait to get my hands on the finished product. Kudos to Drew and Gavin for all of your hard work – I know it will be a HUGE success!

  12. Beth Harte says:

    Drew, many thanks to you and Gavin for the awesome “keep on keepin’ on” attitude with Age of Conversation 3! (Er, does that show my 70s influence? I think I had that on a t-shirt!!) I am so excited to get my copy…there are so many great voices included. And thank you for the opportunity for mine to be one of those voices. 😉

    Beth Harte
    Sr. SME – Digital Marketing
    Serengeti Communications

  13. I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled we are to have you all on board! It’s what makes this project so worthwhile!


  14. Drew and Gavin,

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this project. I’m delighted to play a small part among this innovative group of authors and thought leaders.

    and….. it’s for a great cause. A perfect combination.


  15. Eric Roth says:


    This book promises to be a powerful primer on current marketing and branding techniques and perils. Thank you for sharing your experiences, insights, and tips.

  16. HID Kits says:

    Kudos to Drew and Gavin for all of your hard work – I know it will be a HUGE success!..

  17. It has taken some time to come together, but the new book, Age of Conversation 3: It’s time to get busy!, is in its final stages.

  18. CFD says:

    I am so excited to get my copy…there are so many great voices included. And thank you for the opportunity for mine to be one of those voices. 😉

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