The Age of Conversation 3 cover

Age3cover Gavin and I are feeling like proud parents about now….exhausted, a bit worn thin but very, very excited.  We shipped the final, edited manuscript for Age of Conversation 3: It's Time to Get Busy off to the publishers (more details soon!) this week and we're almost home.

We wanted to share the cover design with everyone.  Many, many thanks to Chris Wilson (Fresh Peel blog), who got this done right in the midst of his move and transition to his new job with Fleishman-Hillard in Dallas.

He picked up some of the earlier cover design elements (done by David Armano) and added some of his own twists as well.

Chris has always been an incredible supporter of the Age of Conversation series.  He even launched the first Amazon bum rush for Age 1 — and he wasn't even an author of the first book.  That's all about class and community. 

Fortunately, Chris' thinking is well represented in 2 and 3…and now, so are his design skills.

Again — many thanks to Chris.

Want more Age of Conversation scoop?  Watch for the official author list later today as well!

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