David Meerman Scott’s sequel is better than the original!

Meerman_drewmclellanDavid Meerman Scott wrote an excellent book a few years ago called The New Rules of Marketing and PR.  I have been recommending it to people for a long time. 

Of course, the very use of the word new meant that David was in "trouble."  After all, things can't be new forever.  And when we're talking about the blur of change that viral marketing brings — new is a very fleeting concept.

Fortunately for all of us, David just released a 2nd edition.  (check it out or buy it here) Even better news, this edition is not just a refresh of the old book.  There's a huge amount of new content for the generalists and marketing pros alike.

Many of the "new media" books written today cover the same material and the same case studies.  If you've read about Zappos once, you've read about them a million times. 

The case studies in this book are varied and cover just about every type and size of business you can imagine.  David's clearly searched high and low…and come up with plenty of variety to not only help illuminate his points but to trigger "hey, we could do something like that" sort of thinking.

This book is part high level examination of the dramatic shifts we're all experiencing in communicating for business today, but it is also equally   a practical workbook — walking readers through very applicable steps so they can quickly leap from theory to action.

Are you a newbie — wondering how/where to dip your toe into the social media waters?  This book will ease your concerns and help you evaluate the best tactics to help you achieve your goals.

Are you a seasoned marketing pro  — wondering how to take your efforts to a higher plane?  This book will show you how some incremental shifts in your strategies can be a game changer. 

Smart, practical and very hands on.  This is a rare case of when the sequel is in fact, better than the original.

[Note:  David sent me a copy of his book so I could read it and review it if I chose to.  Hopefully you know me well enough to be confident…the review above is because I mean it, not because I got a $15 book in the mail.]

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2 comments on “David Meerman Scott’s sequel is better than the original!

  1. Hey Drew

    Thanks so much for the review. I’m thrilled that you like the second edition more than the first. Thanks!

    Yeah, that “new” word is a killer. When I wrote the first edition, Twitter did not exist and Facebook was only for students. So I needed an update.

    Guess what? I did not mention Foursquare in the second edition. So at some point I need to do a third. This tuff moves fast.


  2. David,

    Well, I guess the use of the word new is good news for your readers. It means your books will keep getting even better!

    This 2nd edition is really, really well done. Congrats on all your hard work. It shows!


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