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Screen shot 2010-05-25 at 10.01.31 PMSocial Media Marketing GPS was written using Twitter as a content platform and distribution channel.  Toby Bloomberg conducted 40 Tweet interviews with 40 prominent social media marketers including people from Dell, Comcast, Marketing Profs, BlogHer.

The list of folks that Toby interviewed is varied and impressive.  I think you'll find their thoughts illuminating and very human.

12 chapters take you from the importance of social media to ethics to the social enterprise, tactics, sponsored conversations, blogger relations with a few case studies.

The goal was to create a comprehensive body of knowledge that could serve as a roadmap (GPS) for developing a strategic social media plan.

Toby's thoughts were if this could be accomplished in a series of 140 character tweets it might help ease the apprehension for people new to social media, while at the same time, providing a review and offering some interesting ideas for those more experienced.

I think she's proven her point.  Go download the book for free…and see for yourself.

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4 comments on “Social media GPS — the free e-book

  1. Well a free ebook is always worth looking at.

    I’m always intrigued by peoples approach on twitter, as from my experience it can be one of the most valuable marketing tools available or a complete waste of time, depending on the hand in which it sits.

  2. Drew – appreciate the shout out about Social Media Marketing GPS and your kind words. You and Gavin are my inspirations when it comes to innovation using social media to teach and learn. Hope you and your community enjoy SMMGPS.

  3. Toby,

    I have no doubt that they’ll enjoy the book and the lessons learned!


  4. Robert says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the free ebook. I love free stuff!

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