A public service announcement for today

I get called many things…but there is no title that I cherish more than Dad.  On Father's Day, I wanted to share this public service announcement with all of you out there.

If you had a dad who let you dress him up, who played hoops with you on the driveway or who showed up at your games — be grateful.  There are so many kids who never knew what that felt like.

And if you are a dad…soak it up.  Soak it up with abandon.  I know I do.

Happy Father's Day to all of you sons, daughters and dads!

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One comment on “A public service announcement for today

  1. Marcia Martin says:

    Sometimes people spend tons of money to make an impact when it’s the connection that matters. Applies to marketing efforts just as much as it applies to “close to the heart” things such as getting your nails done with your daughter.

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