Four new blogs you need to check out

Shutterstock_56934511 I'm ashamed to admit it, but my blogroll has some cobwebs on it.  Some of the blogs listed there are dormant and boy do I have a bunch to add.  And before Labor Day (my self imposed deadline) I'm going to get in there and clean house.

But there are a handful of blogs that I want to call to your attention and I don't want to wait another month. 

Mary Kramer:  Mary Kramer is a mom, grandma, and wife…and in her spare time, she was the president of the Iowa Senate, an Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean and one of the most interesting women I have ever met.  You cannot help but be captivated by her.  And completely charmed.

She's launched a very thought provoking blog called Madame Ambassador about civil discourse, politics and real citizenship.  I promise you will learn, laugh and hopefully look at politics and your role in them a bit differently.

Lisa Petrilli:  You know how you meet someone and you immediately are drawn to them?  You just know they're someone you need to stay connected with.  That's how i felt when I first met Lisa.  Boy was that instinct right on the money!  She's one of the most insightful writers I've read in a long time.

She just launched a blog about C-level strategies and a ha moments.  Smart writing with plenty to sink your teeth into.  Check out C-level Strategies and Awakenings.

Mary Stier:  Have you ever walked into a meeting expecting to a little intimidated and instead found yourself completely intrigued and in awe of someone?  A few years ago, I had the opportunity to meet the very powerful Mary Stier, publisher of the Des Moines Register and one of Gannett's biggest players. 

She could have been imposing but instead she was fascinating, smart and completely welcoming.  Mary has since left Gannett and is knee-deep in consulting projects.  Her blog, Mary Stier Connects, is about leadership and sometimes, specifically women's leadership.  But, boy or girl…you need to check it out!

MENG:  In case you were wondering if I read any blogs written by men…MENG (the Marketing Executives Networking Group) has just launched their brand new blog — MENG Blend and it's got a dandy line up of male bloggers (and some smart women too!) covering topics like marketing, online and social media and career issues like networking.  

Looks like you'll get 3-4 new posts a week, so you'll want to subscribe now.  And yes…I am one of their bloggers.

That should give your RSS feed reader some new morsels to enjoy!  I'd love to hear what you thought of these new efforts and please leave them a comment — it will make their day!

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P.S.  In the spirit of full disclosure, McLellan Marketing Group is fortunate to work with both Mary and Mary.  We'll take credit for building their blogs but the smarts are all theirs!

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