Marketing question #91: What’s changed?

Drew_mclellan_airplanesize  As I was replenishing my dopp bag (here's why it's called that) so that I can maintain my "pack in 10 minutes or less" standing, I noticed something different on my deodorant.  

Check out the sticker on the cap.  "Sized for airplane travel." Good to know.  Now, if I'm just taking a carry on bag, I don't have to get one of those travel sized deodorants.  

But the truth is…the only thing that's changed is Arm & Hammer added the sticker.

They didn't change one thing about their product or packaging. It's the same deodorant they've been selling long before 9-11 and all the new TSA security measures.

They were just smart enough to ask "what's changed?  What in our customers' lives, in our society, in the world has changed?"

And now they're capitalizing on it.

Most of us sell/make a mature product or service.  Whether you're an accounting firm, sell fresh fish or consult on IT security — odds are you've been doing it awhile.  And to you, it's business as usual.

But stop and ask the smart marketing question.  What's changed?  Are your customers worried about something new?  Are they bound by some new rule?  Do they suddenly have new options?  Has your industry been labeled as "green" or "luxury" or something else?

In most cases, business owners/leaders are so busy keeping their noses to the grindstone that they don't look up to explore the changing landscape.  Don't get stuck in that trap.  

Look around.  Notice what has changed.  (And I promise you….something has!)  and then ask the important follow up question — how can you take advantage of that change?  

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13 comments on “Marketing question #91: What’s changed?

  1. Katie says:

    Great post Drew! Reminds me of what I think has changed in the landscaping industry…and how I think we need to adapt.
    thanks for that

  2. Good mind, thanks for your post.

  3. Andy Nattan says:

    It’s a great tactic. I’m actually quite impressed by it.

  4. Joseph Merle says:

    I would also say who is this source since closing will not make it matter at all revealing it.

  5. Jen says:

    I too noticed this, however it slightly annoys me as a consumer. It does not matter if this product is 3 oz. or 30 oz., it is a solid form and not subject to the TSA liquid restrictions at all. Are they implying that it’s just a convenient travel size? Seems to me that they are instead trying to trick consumers into purchasing their brand, which again as a consumer, I don’t like.

  6. Duff says:

    I agree with Jen. It’s not a liquid, so it’s irrelevant, and a bit misleading even.

  7. Edwin says:

    Have a look at how many times toothbrushes get re-vamped!! Special soft bristles, ones that have a flexible head, a tongue cleaner, a whitening element, etc…at the end of the day, they all have bristles and they all clean your teeth. Same with razors, 3 blades became 4, then 5, then a ladies version, then a battery version. I won’t be satisfied until I can walk into my bathroom and have my 5 o’çlock shadow shaved, my teeth and my tongue cleaned and my deodorant put on without lifting a finger!!

  8. Rob says:

    Observant behavior is so important…great attention to detail Drew. Solid share! Thanks for the add on twitter, maybe we’ll catch up sometime!

  9. Good catch on the liquid versus solid… but the point is, they are telling people who travel that this product is safe to carry onto a plane.

    Frequent travelers probably already know they can bring solids on board, but for the occasional traveler — this is a great tactic.


  10. Lauren says:

    Love this post. It is so simple yet, an enormous issue for many. I see many HUGE companies hesitant to change because they are comfortable where they are… and others that go with the flow and do a little shimmy to reflect the changes. The funny thing is, some of us don’t have to shift drastically, we just need to maybe, “add a little sticker.”

  11. Lauren,

    Hmm, that’s a good point. Often it’s more a matter of being so comfortable you stop looking around. So even the smallest of shifts elude you.

    A reminder to all of us to stay uncomfortable!


  12. David says:

    just need keep update anything when the world be will win.:)

  13. Really some good tactics will help us to improve and attract the others. Here to be changed is one of that kind and will give a good result.

    Nice thinking.

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