Where should your CEO invest his/her time?

102742969  As a business owner, I am always wrestling with how to best use my time.  

  • Should it be spent with clients, adding my 25+ years of experience to their marketing arsenal?  
  • Or should I invest my time in my employees, helping them hone their skills?  
  • Maybe I should be out and about, kissing babies and getting my agency new clients?

There's probably no single right answer.  But it's a worthy question.  

That's why I enjoyed listening to Barry Moltz's interview with Craig Newmark (founder of Craig's List) and how he believes he should be investing his time.

It's a good and quick listen.  Click here to get to the podcast.  You can listen to it from the website or download it to listen later.  

Note:  The first half of the show is Barry's interview with Barbara Rozgonyi, a LinkedIn guru.   Also a good listen. 

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