Where should your CEO invest his/her time?

102742969  As a business owner, I am always wrestling with how to best use my time.  

  • Should it be spent with clients, adding my 25+ years of experience to their marketing arsenal?  
  • Or should I invest my time in my employees, helping them hone their skills?  
  • Maybe I should be out and about, kissing babies and getting my agency new clients?

There's probably no single right answer.  But it's a worthy question.  

That's why I enjoyed listening to Barry Moltz's interview with Craig Newmark (founder of Craig's List) and how he believes he should be investing his time.

It's a good and quick listen.  Click here to get to the podcast.  You can listen to it from the website or download it to listen later.  

Note:  The first half of the show is Barry's interview with Barbara Rozgonyi, a LinkedIn guru.   Also a good listen. 

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4 comments on “Where should your CEO invest his/her time?

  1. Detektive says:

    I think it is better to train the staff and themselves learn.
    chases alone can not do much.
    a U.S. president has said the work itself never = do that can make Duch.

  2. One thing that I find really scary about marketing is that we mostly over and underestimate things through are own plans, where some parts are unable to be delivered with the intended actions to be taking

  3. To enhance and diversify offered services/products that is still related to what the business can offer, in doing this, I believe that all of your given answer to that question are definitely included 🙂

  4. I think its very good to think about the staff and themselves to improve much better in the market and that always gives the better output as you want to have.

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