Facebook tip #413: Start with a question

Screen shot 2010-09-12 at 12.11.54 PM Everyone and their brother has built a Facebook Fan page or has a Facebook account.  And the ultimate goal is to get more LIKES and more interaction.  

It makes sense — no one is going to buy from you until they know who you are.

Sadly, most people approach this "new" media with the same methodology as they've used in traditional media.  I call it the "Let me tell you all about me" method.

Imagine being at a party (because social media is a lot like a cocktail party) and a stranger or someone you barely know walks up to you and says…

"Hi, aren't you glad to see me?  I'm quite fascinating, aren't I?  Let me tell you a little about me.  I graduated from college in 1994 and began an illustrious career as a physician.  And I must tell you, my bedside manner is the buzz around around the hospital."

When you see it illustrated like that — it's clearly insane.  And yet, pay attention to what shows up in your Facebook NewsFeed and watch the businesses and business people tell you all about themselves.  Yuck. (If you're grimacing right now, it's because YOU do this!)

On the flip side, watch a master communicator like Scott Ginsberg (the nametag guy) demonstrate the way to begin to build relationships.  You ask questions.  Scott is constantly posing relevant, off the wall, sometimes just plan odd questions.  And boy does he get participation.  

Why?  Because people will fall over themselves to talk about… themselves.  How do you make a sale?  Get people to talk about themselves.  

Are you seeing the connection?

If you want to build an active community that knows who you are and what you do — know who they are and what they do.  Learn all about them by asking questions.

What would be a talk-generating question you could ask your online audience today?

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