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Screen shot 2010-09-05 at 10.26.00 PM Late this spring a new search engine snuck onto the scene.  Kurrently ( allows you to search Facebook and Twitter in real time.

Put any search term or combination of terms into Kurrently, and instantly receive the scrolling results with Tweets and Facebook status updates organized by date stamp. The results automatically update as you watch.

I tried it with "drew mclellan" and found quite a few Twitter and Facebook mentions that I hadn't caught through the normal tracking methods.

It's been pretty tough to find a way to accurately gauge Facebook buzz but this should help considerably.

Screen shot 2010-09-05 at 10.35.46 PM Interestingly, the developers have added an RSS option.  You'll see it on the search results page.  When you click on the Subscribe, a window pops open and invites you to pay as much as you would like, via PayPal, for the subscription.

An intriguing question – what's the convenience of the feed worth to you?

Regardless of the RSS subscription option — this is a very slick tool.  Check it out.

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4 comments on “Real time search engine for Facebook and Twitter

  1. Chris Jones says:

    Personally, I don’t see that there is any worth towards me using Kurrently. I have one of the most common names in the world (Chris Jones) and there are hundreds upon hundreds of posts using my name. It also finds tweets and Facebook posts using part of my name (ie: Chris Smith, Mike Jones, Christ, etc.). I do believe this tool could be priceless for businesses. They can track the impact that their marketing techniques have on the public and can direct marketing efforts towards those Twitter and Facebook users. However, that then brings up the issue of unethical marketing practices, which is a whole new issue.

  2. Chris,

    I didn’t mean to suggest the tool was only useful for tracking your own name. As you point out — for someone with a common name, it’s really not.

    But, you can still search for your company’s name, a product, a trend, a topic — and in all cases, you can see what people are talking about real time.

    Which is why this tool is so valuable.


  3. Rob says:

    Awesome tool drew, I’ll definitely add this to my arsenal of data mining, but always as a resource for those I consult. It’s something i haven’t seen elsewhere than twitters real time trending topics.

  4. Awesome. Thank you for the nice figure., great topic you have discussed here. I buy essays online about this topic. I think Google’s Realtime Search engine more powerful then Twitter’s search for status updates. I need more this topic.. I will wait here,

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