Are you smart enough to know what they really want?

Photo Sometimes I think we get in our own way.  Our heads over think and we don't just trust our instincts.  

Try this experiment.

Grab some paper and a pencil/pen.  Without any editing and within one minute — jot down the three reasons people buy from you.  

No censoring, no being politically correct, no company speak.  Just trust your gut.

Once you're done, take a look at the list.  Are those the benefits you talk about on your website, in your brochure and as you pitch a prospect?

I'm betting not.  You have "marketing speak" in all those places.  You aren't speaking from your customers' heart. 

What would you say if you were truly speaking in their voice…about what actually matters to them?

(The photo is a high end restaurant in Chicago.  I'm sure they have thick steaks, fresh flown in seafood and the best liquors and wines.  But check out what they promote in their middle window.)  


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