Happy 4th blogiversary to me!

Drew_Mclellan's 4th blog anniversary Yikes…

it was 4 years ago last week that I hit publish on my first blog post (Thanks to the nagging of my blog coach).  I had no idea that it would propel me on an adventure that would have me:

And…writing 1105 blog posts which generated over 10,000 comments.  (Do the math — we’re a chatty bunch!)

But as I look back on the adventure and my good fortune, I cannot help but see a common theme.  The prefix “co.”  I didn’t do any of this on my own — I did it with you — my readers, my friends and my peers.

Thanks for your collaboration.  I can’t wait to see what we cook up together in the coming year!

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12 comments on “Happy 4th blogiversary to me!

  1. Beth Harte says:

    Congratulations Drew!! You blog has always been a favorite ‘go to’ for me. Here’s to another four years (well, if technology doesn’t change by then. LOL!).

    Have a great weekend,

  2. Beth Harte says:

    Sorry…that should have been “YOUR blog.” Time for more caffeine. 🙂

  3. steveolenski says:

    Hey Dodger Drew, (sorry, cheap shot)

    I want to send out a very special congratulations to you. You’re one of the 1st “online” folks I met via Social Media (how did we meet BTW?!?!) and I have been honored to call you a friend and confidant.

    A brilliant thinker and marketer, you are above all else, a good person. Nothing is more important than that in my oh-so humble opinion.

    all the best as always,
    steve o

  4. Heather Rast says:

    Congratulations on the milestone, Drew. We’re all grateful for your work and tireless enthusiasm.

  5. Mike Sansone says:

    Atta baby! I was just reading an archive where I mentioned Mack Collier’s Top 25 and said – watch for Drew McLellan to be on this list soon.

    So awesomely proud of not only what you’ve accomplished, but even more excited about what thriving community and conversation has been ignited by your spirit!

    Stay contagious and keep growing:-) Who’s the coach now, dawg?

  6. Gavin Heaton says:

    It’s been an amazing few years! And with so many blogs that come and go, it is great to see you go from strength to strength! But like you say, it’s all about the people. I’m proud to be on your list. Congratulations, my friend!

  7. A lot of blogs have come and gone in four years. Keep up the hard work Drew!

  8. Mack Collier says:

    Congrats Drew, it’s been 4 years already?!? You’ve been such a wonderful member of this community and your work on Age of Conversation and Blogger Social will always be appreciated!

    Here’s to 4 more, at least!

  9. Hey – how amazing . 4 years of blogging! Needs lots of ideas and persistence – I really respect this!


  10. Congrats! I wish you double visitors for the next blogiversary. Keep the good work! 🙂

  11. Thank you all very much — I sincerely appreciate your continued participation in the conversation and all that you do to make this a vibrant place to read, think, talk and ask questions.

    Here’s to deepening our connection, friendship and learning over the next 4 years!


  12. MaKayla Alexander says:

    In one of my college courses, Andy Drish come and spoke to us about finding a job, networking, and personal branding. He stated how important blogging can be, and that doing it can help each of those three topics in some way. I think this blog entry proves how impactful blogging can be to one’s life if utilized properly.

    Congratulations on 4 years of blogging!

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