Marketing tip #17: Stop assuming!

104931924I've said it before….no one is worse at seeing your business objectively than you.  If you own or run it — you cannot possibly remove your own biases, opinions and hopes from the equation.

So when you make operating, marketing and customer service decisions, you need to second guess yourself now and then.  You need to remove yourself from the equation and see it from your customer's perspective.  But how do you do that, if you can't possibly be objective?

You walk in your customers' shoes.  Literally.

You need to experience exactly what they experience.  Go through your own drive thru, try to navigate your phone system without using any of the back end short cuts, see what asking for a credit or return feels like.

I'm betting that 90% of companies never do this.  They think they know what their customer wants, so based on that dangerous assumption — they run their business.  We all know the old saying about what happens when you assume…

Over at IowaBiz today, I explore this topic some more.  Come jump into the conversation.

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