Color trends for 2011

106361663 According to color experts Pantone, no colors ever go completely "out," the colors just “evolve.” Like avocado green may be out, but lime green is in. 

So this is their take on colors for 2011.

Overall, they believe we’ll see cleaner colors that give an emotional uplift. And they predict that colors will be combined in unusual ways.

Here's the scoop:

Black: Black's presence will diminish in 2011. We'll still see black used, but they'll be closer to very dark blues or greens that are nearly black.

Blue: Will be more important next year. It suggests hope, healing, serenity and tranquility.

Red: Attention-getting combinations like red with orange or a pink/red used with a super bright red.

Pink: Used in all forms from aggressive and bright to pale pink.

Green: Becoming overused to suggest ecology. Green will be used in more ways than just for "green" companies or products.

Purple: Diminishing importance in 2011. Will move towards lavender and blue purples.

Orange: Paired combinations like a carrot orange used with white and apricot orange with blue.

Brown: Everything from cocoa brown to nut brown. Organic.

Yellow: Golden yellows will have a strong presence in 2011.  

White: More faded shades of colors like very pale pink, blue, yellow, etc. instead of pure, clean, crisp white.

I'm curious — What do you think?  How might this impact your work?  Or do you think it's just design fluff talk?

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