What over 1.5 million people chose to watch

It's the holidays and everyone is not only crazy busy but bombarded by ads.  So we tune them out.  

But as of 12/23 — 1.5 million people booted up their browser and went looking for this video. (email subscribers, click here)  They didn't get tricked into watching it — they sought it out.  And they not only watched it for almost 5 minutes — they shared it with their friends.  Who also watched it.



Welcome to the future of advertising…


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3 comments on “What over 1.5 million people chose to watch

  1. Jason Acidre says:

    Ok, that was extremely entertaining and ingeniously done. I wonder how much they’ve earned after launching that ad. Love the script, just submitted this entry to stumbleupon.

    Anyway, Happy holidays Drew!

  2. steve says:

    I just watched it and can’t tell you what jeweler it was for, so as long as it was put out by a giant gem consortium, great ad!

  3. Simply brilliant. Marketing at its best. That’s incedible that 1.5 million people went looking for this.

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