Something all wrapped up for you!

Shutterstock_67803928No matter which holiday you choose to celebrate in December — it seems like it's a season for sharing, for hanging with the people we care about and for giving gifts.

I don't want to get all mushy — but I am so grateful that you keep coming back to the blog to share your ideas and thoughts on the blog posts, I value your friendship and collegial spirit and look forward to exploring 2011 with you.

To that end, I've rounded up some gifts I'd like to share.  I think you'll find them both well worth the time to unwrap!

Junta42's annual Content Marketing & Social Media Predictions for 2011:  Joe & his team reach out to marketing folk and ask them to contribute their predictions for the year.  

With over 100 participants — there is plenty to read, chew on and use as you plan out 2011 for your organization. (click here to download the PDF)

RainToday's Research Excerpt on Lead Generation:  As you know, I am a huge fan of  They provide lots of very pragmatic, B2B focused research, tools and how to advice.  They just finished up a new study on best practices for lead generation.

If for no other reason that reading more about Best Practice #3 — it is worth the download.  click here to download the PDF)

I hope you find value in them both!


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2 comments on “Something all wrapped up for you!

  1. Jditlev says:

    Great shares, Drew. Looking forward to giving the research excerpt from RainToday a closer read.

    You mention that Junta 42’s collection of predictions is in a PDF. Please allow me to correct you, ’cause it’s really an online magazine format powered by Zmags – that I happen to work for.

    I would be happy to tell you more about this format if you are interested. Just poke me.

  2. You are right — I stand corrected. The Junta42 predictions are a Zmags, not a PDF.

    Thanks for the clarification.


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