Yes Virginia, you can advertise everywhere!

Hampton3_drewmclellan Saw this on a recent layover at O'Hare airpot in Chicago.  They were on the escalator handrails going up/down into the tunnel that connects the B and C concourse.

(Yes, I risked my life by not holding onto the handrails to take these pictures for you!)

In many ways — pretty smart placement on Hampton Inn's part.  Talking to travelers in a very unexpected place and way.

What do you think?










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6 comments on “Yes Virginia, you can advertise everywhere!

  1. Andy Nattan says:

    Thanks for taking the risks, and the pictures!

    If you can advertise in an unusual place, you should. It’ll grab attention that you might otherwise miss out on.

  2. David Wagner says:

    Too funny. I come across many creative marketing placing tactics as well. Glad you’re always on the lookout. It speaks to your passion as a marketer. Kudos and Happy Holidays! Keep on bringing the ideas forth.

  3. Matt Beckman says:

    I like it. It grabs your attention and most likely a second look.

  4. Andy,

    No doubt about it — freshness and an element of surprise is a powerful factor when it comes to placing advertising.

    And you guys are worth the harrowing experience!


  5. David —

    So what do you think – good idea or just a gimmick?


  6. Matt,

    Agreed — it certainly caught my attention!


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