Marketing tip #4: Better pay attention to mobile

About 12 months ago, people thought I was crazy for launching the Drew McLellan app for both the iPhone and the Droid (download it for free by clicking on the link in the sidebar) but I was just jumping on a trend's tsunami of a wave — all to get my ideas and recommendations out to you.  

If you prefer to access information with your smart phone, I want to be there too.  It's that simple. Is your company thinking along the same lines?

The trend's wave, if anything, is getting larger.  The usage numbers are staggering and I think we're at the tip of the iceberg here.  Watch this short video and imagine the numbers in 2 or 5 years.  (e-mail subscribers, click here to view the video)





If you haven't asked yourself and your team these questions — you'd better get to it: 

  1. How are we going to reach our customers, prospects and/or employees via mobile?
  2. How quickly can we get started?
  3. Are our competitors already using mobile?  How far behind are we?
  4. If we'd be first — how far ahead would we be?

 Experts predict that by 2020, most of us will be using our mobile device as our primary tool for accessing the web.  

Will you be on board with mobile by then?





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10 comments on “Marketing tip #4: Better pay attention to mobile

  1. What an amazing video – those stats are great. We’ve bee n looking at mobile marketing for a little while now and following its rapid progress and I believe that it hasn’t been entirely tapped in terms of mobile email marketing. Looking forward to seeing what new apps, and industry standards come about for it this year.

  2. Gavin Heaton says:

    Also – think about how you are going to manage the mobile apps that different parts of your company are producing. The tools are becoming easier and easier to use and soon you’ll have apps from the IT team, from the Marketing team, CRM apps from the Sales team and Timesheet apps from Finance.

    I like the idea of guidelines for small business or even a small scale app marketplace for larger companies.

  3. Gavin,

    Ahh, good point. Of course, that’s probably a big company versus small company problem. And most of those apps will be inward pointing — to the staff rather than the customer.

    You’re right — for large organizations, they’ll end up having their own app stores. I wonder if Apple and Android will be smart enough to set up extranets for companies to store their apps etc? Could be a whole new profit center for them.

    I think for the small organization the question is still “what app would be useful and relevant to my customers?” But I suspect the answers will come easier and quicker as adoption becomes even more prevalent.


  4. Mobile Marketing is very hot right now. By using SMS Text marketing, companies can keep in touch with their customers and prospects with the permission based text marketing. It’s best to send messages infrequently like weekly unless you are sending out lunch specials just before the prospect is deciding on where to go for lunch. The best part is that everyone is always looking at their phone and text messages get read fast. It is especially good for instant connect marketing. I like the sending of mobile coupons where you show the text message for a discount like Hooters and Pickles deli. Having a slow period, send out a message with a special with an expiration time in a few hours.

  5. Clay,

    Do you think there’s a “best” tool for sending our SMS messages?


    Thanks for the heads up on comment luv. Am checking into it.

  6. Dave,

    What makes you say that? (Not saying I disagree, just curious)


  7. Hi Drew, Nice to meet you.
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    1. Oops, the link does not work above because I ended the sentence with a period. Here is one that works.

  8. I agree. Mobile has become even more applicable this year than ever. More people used mobile apps to search the internet than they used a desktop.

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