Walt Disney’s marketing tips

Picture 6My greatest teacher when it comes to all things marketing was not a professor or professional mentor. 

It was Walt Disney.  

Somehow, in the midst of ROI, measurability, counting clicks and studies that can track a person’s eye movements to see what part of an ad captures their attention first — we have forgotten that marketing and branding is ultimately about wooing and winning someone’s heart.

But Walt never did.

At MMG, we talk a lot about creating a love affair with your customer… but Walt knocked it out of the park and his cast members continue to do it today, with every guest interaction and every new story told.

A few years ago, in the midst of one of our annual pilgrimages to the Mouse, I wrote a series of blog posts that later became an e-book spotlighting some of the many ways that Walt Disney demonstrated his marketing chops.

These are tips that any business — B2B or B2C — can employ.  I'd love to share it with you and have you share it with others.  

Download it by clicking on the link:  Walt Disney's marketing tips


A hat tip and a hug to CK for being the one who said… "you know, this would make an awesome ebook" way back when.




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