Drew’s blog gets a makeover!

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For many of you, my blog comes via your e-mail inbox or RSS feed reader.  So you probably haven’t even noticed that something is looking a little different.

I decided it was time to give Drew’s Marketing Minute a fresh look and take advantage of some of the most current technology (plugins etc.) as I made the leap from Typepad to WordPress. We’re still making some minor tweaks, but for the most part — I’m excited to share it with you.

If you’re reading this remotely — give us a click and come tour our new home. As always, I welcome your feedback.  Anything you’d add?  Or miss from the old version?

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22 comments on “Drew’s blog gets a makeover!

  1. It looks great, Drew. Love the colors and design. Clean, easy to navigate- great work!

    1. Thanks Angela! It is feeling good!


  2. Dennis says:

    It is very personal, and I am sure you have thought about it – but the purple doesn’t do it for me. Love the layout and most importanly, the content 🙂

    1. Dennis says:

      Just came back to say that the reason I commented was because I like your work and share your philosophy. And hope it was not interpreted as a negative comment.
      For the record: my first ‘going out’ outfit (age 9) was all purple… maybe I got damaged there 😉

      1. Dennis,

        No need to worry. I didn’t take it as an attack — just your opinion. Truth be told, I am more of a blue guy than purple. But purple is the main color in the MMG color palette so it made sense from a brand perspective.

        Much more important to me — you like and value the content!


  3. Hi Drew,
    I like the new look! And, of course, I love the purple.

    1. Sandy,

      I figured you would!!


  4. Mack Collier says:

    Lookin’ pretty snazzy around here, Drew!

  5. Dick,

    What an incredibly kind thing to say — thank you. I’m thrilled that you and others enjoy the ideas and find them useful.

    That’s what makes the effort so worthwhile!


  6. Pat Palmer says:

    I never paid much attention to the color of your blog, just the content of your character…and newsletter.

    Take Care!


    1. Pat,

      I appreciate that — it’s window dressing for sure. But never hurts to be wrapped in a nice package!

      Do you do a lot of business down in DSM? Have a couple people who need some PC assistance.


  7. Karin H says:

    I really shouldn’t like it – defecting from Typepad! 😉

    But that’s just me.

    Love what it says at the top of the tops: Top dog at McLellan Marketing Group.
    (But that’s one of the things you didn’t change – fortunately).

    I’m just kidding, like the feel of the site, and the font size, and the colours. Always loved the content anyway.

    Karin H

    1. Karin,

      I know — it was a tough decision. But in the end, WP is being supported in ways that Typepad just isn’t with all the plugins etc. For a serious blogger — they sure make life easier.

      We are still pretty loyal to Typepad for lots of our web work, though so never fear.


  8. I love the new look Drew. Although your old site did have some charm, it was beginning to look a little dated.

    This design though, very crisp and clean.

    1. Thanks Andy — appreciate it. That’s one of the challenges of this digital existence… you have to stay fresh.

      Hopefully this one will stay for awhile. For me it’s more fun to write and get into conversation than deal with a re-design!


  9. JBestler says:

    I think the layout looks great. As a Minnesota Vikings fan, I have to say the purple looks great. (Maybe it will help my team next season)

    1. J —

      Sadly, as a fellow Viking fan, I have to tell you, I don’t think it’s enough to help them.


  10. Marie says:

    The new site looks great. Nice layout, easy to navigate.

    And I do like the purple.

    1. Marie —

      Thanks very much. It’s starting to feel like home!


  11. CeCe,

    I’m glad you stopped by as well! I’m with you on the blue but purple is who we are @ MMG….so it’s who I am too!


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