Get snipped so you can watch the big game?

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Is this a mad advertising idea?

I’m all for being fresh and innovative in your creative approach.  And when you sell something like vasectomies, you are no doubt even more challenged.

So I’m intrigued to get your opinion about a local clinic’s latest advertising message.

Here in Iowa, the Iowa Clinics is, according to their own website, “the largest physician owned multi-specialty group in Central Iowa with more than 140 physicians and healthcare providers practicing in 37 specialties. The Iowa Clinic serves a population area of 1.1 million, averaging 400,000 patient visits each year.”

So a large practice with many top rated physicians.  They’re regular advertisers and like many healthcare providers, their marketing tends to be about what you’d expect.  But not their most recent TV spots.

To paraphrase their entire spot — when you get a vasectomy, you have to take a few days off, sit on the couch and recuperate.  So why not time your vasectomy so you can enjoy March Madness?

What do you think?  Good idea?  Will it move people from the thinking about it stage to taking action?  Bad idea?  Is it tacky to tie a medical procedure to watching a sporting event?

I can’t wait to get your take — so please jump into the conversation in the comments section.

Note:  As I discovered, this is clearly not a new approach.  Here are some other articles about the combining of the two:

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7 comments on “Get snipped so you can watch the big game?

  1. Tacky. 100%.

    And now I’ll be sitting with my legs crossed all day. Cheers.

  2. Greg France says:

    I don’t think it’s tacky, but I don’t think it makes sense. It assumes the majority of men like March Madness season, and are willing to watch game after game while sitting in some state of discomfort. The idea is to give someone incentive to come in and get it done! I’d rather know I would be sitting there is some form of less discomfort than getting it done elsewhere? It is almost like saying, “Someday you will be kicked in the groin, why not plan it during the playoffs?” Given a choice – I’ll wait!

  3. Dave Munoz says:

    It’s low-brow funny and it got us talking about it. That’s just male humor. From the advertiser’s perspective, they might gain a few male patients. And I doubt that it cost them any female patients.

  4. Tracy says:

    Well, it’s kind of in the same uncomfortable category as “Have a happy period” and that’s apparently still working for Always…somehow.

    Memorable and a definite conversation-starter!

  5. Patrick Albanese says:

    I don’t find it offensive. My problem with it is that I don’t find it particularly clever.

    Granted, this is a tough ‘product’ to sell to both sexes simultaneously. After all, a vasectomy is for men who no longer wish to have children.

    So why not go for the absurd?

    How about a commercial with a man surrounded by a dozen or so kids. His wife and he are looking a bit harried. Maybe they are having difficulty remembering all their kids names.

    A final voice over or graphic spells out the phrase, “Maybe it’s time.” Then cut to the logo of the hospital and the ‘product’ being offered.

    Who would be offended by a couple considering what every viewer thinks is long overdue?

    That’s my 2 cents worth, adjusted for inflation of course.

  6. With a typically elective medical procedure like a vasectomy, I think a little infusion of humor could be just what the doctor ordered. Vasectomies are often seen as a bit emasculating, so why not combat that with some testosterone fueled March Madness? I think they’re right on target with this approach. Look at all the press they’re getting!

  7. Both here and on Facebook — the crowd reaction seems to be more pro than con.

    My real question is — would it actually get anyone to take action? Would the suggestion of being able to watch any big sporting event be the buying trigger?

    I love sports…but honestly, if I loved them that much — I’d just take the day off and watch it. I don’t think I’d go under the knife/laser.


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