Add sounds and links to your images

Singing pictures?

Picture these scenarios:

In your online store — you want to show a photo of a family room, filled with your products.  You want people to be able to click on each of the items (maybe a lamp or blu-ray player) to purchase them or read reviews.  With ThingLink, you can.

On your static website, you want to include some customer testimonials.  So you post their photos…but you want people to be able to click on them to hear exactly what they have to say.  With ThingLink, you can.

You’re a musician and you want to create a website where beautiful imagery is connected to specific songs or you want to create an online flyer for a concert, offering song samples that people can post on their Facebook page.  With ThingLink, you can.

What’s Thinglink?  It’s brand new technology launched today by ThingLink and SoundCloud. For the first time, it is possible to link a SoundCloud waveform player to any photo or picture, thereby connecting the subject to sounds, music and effects, voice annotations and narrations.

Users can also include links to social networks, blogs, news and commerce web sites, as well as email.  You can also add up to 250 characters to a hover over so you can describe elements of a photo or a product.

This is brand new stuff so there aren’t a lot of examples yet.  But check out these photos from the Stockholm Furniture Fair (click here) or musician Shambhu’s site. (click here)

What’s even cooler is that the links/sounds travel with the images, as they’re passed along.  So imagine the reach that testimonial or band’s flyer can have on Facebook or Twitter!

As is the way of this era, you can grab a free account at

I’m curious — how can you see marketing folks using this technology?

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7 comments on “Add sounds and links to your images

  1. Hey Drew,

    All I can say is WOW. This is very cool indeed…The fact that the links/sounds are embedded are travel with the image as it is shared truly makes this something special…

    And you are right in that the possibilities are endless…

    Thanks for sharing!

    All the best my friend,
    Steve O

    1. Steve,

      I’m really looking forward to seeing how people use this. Guys like us should be able to come up with an idea or three!


  2. Ali T says:

    I believe that the point you explained regarding the customer testimonials will bring more life to your website indeed. It’s something that’s rare in a lot of cases. But even at that, it’s worth trying!

    Get More Facebook Fans

    1. Ali,

      Testimonials are always a powerful communication but to add the person’s actual voice would really take it to the next level.


  3. Mike V says:

    If you want a video on your website… put a video on your website.

    You’ll spend less effort getting a good quality video done and placed on your website than you will hassling with this.


    1. Mike,

      It really isn’t a substitute for video. It’s more detailed and specific than that.

      But you’re right — there are times when video might be a better choice.


  4. There is a gallery of ThingLink/SoundCloud use cases at

    Feel free to contact me with any questions on ThingLink at Neil (a)

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