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Last week, we talked about how we keep our brains firing and stay creative.  Many people offered the tip of reading and absorbing other people’s smart work.  That goes for design work as well — whether you are a writer or artist.

One of the best examples of outdoor creative is this brilliant outdoor campaign. Along the “outdoor” theme…here are some very clever and compelling visuals applied to public spaces/buildings.

Spark any ideas?

creative building ads 01
Coop’s Paints/Nationwide Insurance
creative building ads 05
AllState Insurance
creative building ads 10
Anando Milk

If you enjoyed these…check out all 20 of them by clicking here.

Hat tip to Mike Colwell for sharing this link with me.

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5 comments on “Visual creativity

  1. That third one’s fantastic! Where abouts was the picture taken?

    1. Andy,

      I don’t know… the locations were not specified at the originating site. For some reason, I think they’re European, although I can’t put my finger on why.


  2. Agreed — they don’t necessarily sell anything. Which is why I only offered them up as brain food for our creativity!


  3. Tracy says:

    Thank you for the inspiration enjoyed the ads. The older Absolut bottle print ads along with many outdoor ads have always motivated me to get out of a creative rut. Short and simple, but usually get me to change my perspective.

  4. Erica R says:

    It was fabulous to see the Nationwide ad on your post! I work in Columbus, Ohio where this was displayed and it was as amazingly creative in person as it is in the photo. This was along one of the busy streets of downtown Columbus and was certainly hard to miss!

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