Going old school – Yahoo Groups

I know that Facebook‘s groups are the rage and I think it’s a dandy tool.  But what if you have a group of people that aren’t heavy Facebook users?

For many years, I’ve used Yahoo Groups whenever I was part of a small group that needed to stay in touch, share files/photos, and by using the designated e-mail address, could talk to everyone at the same time.

I was recently asked how to set up a Yahoo Group and created this step by step PPT presentation.  So I thought I’d share it with you too, in case you want to go old school with me!


If you’re having trouble reading the instructions, you can view the slideshow in its full size by clicking here.
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10 comments on “Going old school – Yahoo Groups

  1. Peter Tubbs says:

    While I enjoy playing with the Shiny New Toy, when work needs to be done I’m a fan of the mature tool.

    Yahoo Groups has some features that would be helpful in some of my projects- features the Google suite lacks.

    1. Peter,

      I agree — it has some very nice functionality that are simple to use for people of all tech abilities. If they can send/receive e-mail, the group e-mail function alone is worth the tool!


  2. Beth Harte says:


    I love Yahoo Groups! I cut my social media teeth on them years ago.

    True story… At SXSW 2009 I lost one of my favorite limited edition Hermès scarves that I was sure couldn’t be replaced. I was devastated!

    I tapped into a few of the Yahoo Groups that focus on the brand to wallow in my sorrows with people who could understand. A few days later I received a note that one of the members had found the exact scarf at her local Hermès and put it on hold for me. WOW!

    I was beyond happy and Hermès made a sale.

    The lesson for businesses? Know where your customers hangout. It just might not be Twitter or Facebook.

    Beth Harte

    1. Beth,

      Now that’s a demonstration of how a niche group with a passion around a specific topic can really be inspired to take an action.

      Imagine the huge win it would have been for Hermes if they’d been hanging out there too and could have offered the same sort of assistance.

      Great lesson — thanks for sharing it!


  3. Mark Fuller says:

    There’s still numerous of people prefer to use Yahoo groups for it’s easy to navigate and has features where Google suite lacks, as well as Yahoo answers, I can see people still fan of using it than Google Answers. Thank you for your thoughtful sharing of this useful service of Yahoo.

    1. Mark,

      I either own, moderate or belong to several Yahoo groups. They’re simple to use and have much more functionality than most people realize.

      I agree with you — they’re a solid tool.


      1. Mark Fuller says:

        Thanks Drew! Have a great day!!

  4. Darcy Burnett says:

    We use Yahoo! Groups at the association mainly for the group e-mail function. It is easy for people to use, easy to manage and also archives past discussions. With many banks blocking Facebook, this is a tool that we can use that doesn’t require too much technology savvy from users or a website they may not be able to access from work.

    1. Darcy,

      Ahh, I hadn’t thought about how functional Yahoo would be in a “conservative internet culture” like banks.

      A very valid point — thanks for adding it to the discussion!


  5. Samuel,

    I agree — but honestly that has sort of been the Yahoo way. They didn’t make a big deal out of anything. Which is sort of why Google kicked them to the curb.


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