Free mortgage… if you turn your house into a billboard

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Thought this will amuse you on this Friday the 13th.  And for some of you, it might be a great solution to paying down that mortgage.

Want someone to pay your mortgage?  No problem.  Just let Adzookie give your home a paint job.  Adzookie says it will pay the house owner’s mortgage every month for as long as the home stays painted.

Adzookie publicly  launched the offer on its website Tuesday — and by late afternoon, the company had already received more than 1,000 applications, according to Adzookie CEO Romeo Mendoza.

Adzookie intends to paint its logo and social media icons onto participating homes. Houses must remain painted for at least three months, and the agreement may be extended up to one year.

Painting is expected to begin in a few weeks. The above photo, which is included on the program’s site, is a digital mockup. (No actual homes have yet been painted.)

The home billboard scheme could raise the company’s profile — but don’t expect too many homes to score the subsidized deal. Mendoza’s budget for the entire program is $100,000, and he expects to spend about $8,000 per house on the painting alone.

At the end of the agreement, Adzookie will paint the house back to its original colors. Leases and rentals aren’t allowed, nor are homes in cities with bylaws that would prohibit the bright painting.

This is an extension of the barn painting we midwesterners see as we traverse the countryside.

So… would you consider it?


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10 comments on “Free mortgage… if you turn your house into a billboard

  1. Shelby says:

    This sounds like a “marketing-by-committee” idea. I kinda like it as opposed to most m-b-c ideas. I might consider it (probably wouldn’t actually volunteer) but I’m not surprised 1000s of others have.

    1. Shelby,

      In the grand scheme of things, $100K won’t go very far. But the idea is crazy enough that they’ve earned a ton of publicity for it. Well over the $100K. So even if they only end up painting a couple houses — it’s worth it.


  2. Dave Muñoz says:

    This may be on the level, but is sure reminds me of an April Fool’s story that NPR ran a few years back about marketers paying people to have corporate logos tattoed on to their foreheads. Adzookie is garnering free media attention here, so they should be happy.

    1. Dave,

      I actually had an email conversation with their in-house marketing guy. So it’s legit. But you’re right, the publicity alone should make them elated.

      Is there any company whose logo you’d tattoo on your body?


  3. Craig Kelley says:

    That is one way to get some press. $100K is not a lot for a project like that.

    1. Craig,

      That’s what I thought too. But, they’ve earned enough media coverage to make that $100K seem like a wise investment.


  4. Tracy Keith says:

    This reminded me just a bit of a house in the town I used to live in where the owner painted a goal post and the Chicago Bears logo on the front of it…for free. A SuperFan, no doubt.

    1. Ha! I’ll bet the neighbors loved that!

  5. Coleman,

    What would you say/think if your next door neighbor did this?


  6. Love it! A win/win situation. Although, I feel the homeowners get more out of the deal than adzookie. I’d love to participate if I could!

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